Tuesday, September 6, 2016


July 23-30, 2016 - AJ had some time off work and we thought rather than traveling somewhere, why not spend a week doing extra fun things, that we never have time to do, or feel like splurging on. We started off with hiking Kannaraville Falls on Saturday. The kids were dying to take Dad there. Grandma came too. Then on the way home we decided to go swim for a couple of hours at the Mesas and end the day with a slumber party. Sunday we mostly relaxed and went to the barn. Monday afternoon we went to see Saturday’s Warrior. Loved it!! Then we spent time with the Horrocks’ Family. Olive Garden, Bowling, then to our house for ice cream Sundaes. We invited Pon over. He brought his Karaoke machine and holy cow! It turned into a singing/dance party until 11:00 at night. Tuesday we went to the Jacob Hamblin Home, House of Jump, and Golden Corral. Wednesday the kids had play dates while Dad worked, then a birthday party, then chuck-a-rama for dinner. Thursday after piano and scouts we headed out to the Hurricane City pool. It was super hot that day and tons of fun. I couldn’t believe how high the diving board was. It didn’t stop our daring kids from going off it over and over again. We ended the day with another slumber party! Friday we went out shopping, to a movie, then Red Robin for dinner. Saturday was more swimming, then picked up CafĂ© Rio for a slumber party. Super fun week spending so much time together!! Love these people I get to call family! 

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