Monday, June 20, 2016

Jerik turns 5

Well my baby turned 5. He really doesn’t like me to call him my baby but I can’t help it!! He woke up the morning and rolled over to me and immediately said, “I’m 5!” He was so excited for his party he could hardly stand himself. Here he is with a few of his besties. 

Summer fun!

 We have been doing lots of fishing this year! Kids are loving every minute. We went to see Kung Fu Panda 3 with Cousin Warren. Maycie had cheer camp and saw her cute friend from school she was missing. And Jerik is sleeping in the laundry room. The boys won’t stop fighting at night so they take turns sleeping in the laundry room on an old crib mattress. It works like a charm and my baby usually falls asleep in 4 minutes!!  

Pine Valley Reunion 2016

I got put in charge of the Halversen family reunion for 2016 so Pine Valley it was. It’s super close for us, and a good middle ground for the surrounding family. We spent Thursday to Sunday playing every sport imaginable, eating good food, fishing, games talent show, feeding our new pet horses, etc. We just love these cute people we get to call family.