Sunday, January 17, 2016

Disneyland Day 5

For our last day it was at Disneyland with a magic morning hour. We ran to Peter Pan, then Snow White, Pinocchio, Space Mountain, and got to Indiana Jones all within 1 hour. It was amazing! By the end of the night the kids counted and Splash Mountain was rode 13 times. Mom and Dad with Jerik saved a spot for the parade while Grandma and the kids rode Splash over and over again walking right on it. Sometimes without even getting off!! It was such a fun trip and exhausting all at the same time. Wish these fun vacations weren’t over so soon. For Christmas we gave each of the kids a bag for the ride down with fun things. In that bag was a little coin bag with $20. They used that money for a treat each night. Branson and Maycie got ice cream cones every night. Jerik got Goofy’s Spree candies twice and a churro the other nights. 

Disneyland Day 4

We did California Adventure again the next Day. If you stayed at the Disneyland Resort hotels they let you in 1 hour early. We were across the street but I went and asked the guy if we could go in too and he said, “Sure!” We did Cars twice in a row and then went crazy!! It was a beautiful day and not busy at all. Linda and Jennifer met us half way through the day. It was perfect because Jennifer was 14 and could take the kids on rides over and over again while the sickly adults rested. In total the kids did Screamin’ 9 times, swings 3 times, Ferris wheel twice, Hollywood Tower of Terror 5 times, and everything else at least once. Of course we watched the parade and did Turtle Talk with Crush again. Crazy fun! 

Disneyland Day 3

Day 3 was California Adventure side. When it opened we ran to Cars and got on first, then Hollywood Tower of Terror a couple times, and everything else there a whole bunch!! It was a really nice day! One of our favorite times was talking to Crush. He called on Branson to ask a question. Branson asked if Crush had a girlfriend. He got all embarrassed and said, “Yes her name is Shelly. Do you have a girlfriend?” Branson said, “Maybe.” Then Crush put on a bikini top and asked Branson what it was. He said a bra. Then Crush asked what it was for. Branson was so embarrassed and said, “It’s for women.” Crush said, “Ohhhhh I see. Ok let’s all do like Dory and forget this all happened.” Then he hurried and took it off. So cute! We also watched the new World of Color that night. It was so cool. The best part was that Jerik fell asleep and snuggled in my arms for it just like he did when he was 6 months old. J

Disneyland Day 2

Day 2 was Disneyland side. We got in and ran straight for Space Mountain. Within 2 hours we had done Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain twice, Pirates, and Splash Mountain twice. After that it started getting a little more crowded. Grandma joined us about 3:00 for some more fun!! We rode everything we wanted to and watched the parade. Jerik wanted to go back to the hotel so AJ and I took him back around 7:00 while Grandma took the other two on more rides.