Sunday, November 22, 2015


Love these slime-balls! Congratulations on a great season Branson! Can't believe you guys were undefeated!

Halloween 2015


The kids are absolutely bananas about getting a pet. I don't really want the extra work and am allergic to a lot of animals. They found this horn toad lizard outside and kept him for about a week. We finally decided to let him go because he wasn't really eating the ants we were putting in his cage. I also took them to a pet adoption place to see all the dogs and cats. We found these two really cute dogs that I even liked. But the people said they couldn't be kept outside so that wouldn't work. I definitely can't have animals inside but don't want a big dog to dig up everything outside. 

Rock Climbing

Kids and I at Washington City Community Center doing the rock climbing wall.


When we were driving up north to see Grandma and Grandpa we got a phone call that AJ's Dad had taken a turn for the worse and we should come see him. We have had these phone calls before so we weren't sure what to do. We talked to Kevin who was out of town as well and we agreed to wait and see how things were in a little while before we turned around. Christine went to go see him and how things really were. We got to Grandma's and called back to find out he had minutes left, then he was gone. It happened fast and he had hospice there so he wasn't in pain. It was crazy how knowing that he was stuck in his mortal body that was no longer functioning, but it was still so hard to see his spirit return to heaven. We knew that it was for the best and he was greeted by his wife. Still really sad. We told the kids and they started crying. Maycie said, "Daddy I have never seen you cry before." My Mom and Larry spoiled us and were so helpful playing with the kids and understanding about how much time we spent on the phone making arrangements. We debated driving home that night but Kevin insisted we don't. He said there was nothing to do until next week anyway which was true. Monday night was the viewing and Tuesday was the funeral. Everything went perfect! AJ gave an amazing talk and it was all good closure for everyone. 

Grandma Sue and Grandpa Larry

AJ had a couple day off work so we decided to go up north to see Grandma and Grandpa. We didn't tell Grandma and surprised her. We had Branson dress up like a girl. He had on girl clothes, lipstick, and a crazy curly wig. He knocked on the door and when Grandma answered, he showed her a picture of a cat and asked if she had seen it. Immediatly she screamed, "Branson!!!" We couldn't even fool her for a minute. We stayed for a few days so we could see Great Grandma and Grandpa Ashcroft, plus get together with JoAnne, Woody, Kristin, Jake, Cooper, and Colton.

These are a couple pictures we took when they came to visit us the month before. 


I know this is a little graphic but I wanted to document this since Branson will have a scar for the rest of his life. He woke up one morning and said showed me a bump on his leg. It looked like a mosquito bite. We thought nothing of it until the next day. He was limping in the morning and said it was because of that bump. I thought he was just being dramatic. That night we were in a big hurry to get homework and dinner done so AJ and I could head to the Temple. When we got home we got kids in bed and Branson was limping more and really complaining of it. By the next morning he could barely walk and it was huge. (First picture) I got him into the Dr that afternoon and even the Dr was really surprised how it looked. He said it probably wasn't a bug bite but was just an abscess form bacteria getting under his skin there. At this point it was unbelievable how bad it was. It felt like there was a rock under his skin about 3" in diameter and SO painful. The Dr proceeded to open it up and squeeze puss out. He worked on it for about 5 minutes while Branson screamed on horrific pain. It was SO sad! He was on a strong antibiotic for 7 days. We had him soak in a tub up warm water with Epsom salt each night plus keep antibiotic ointment on it all day. I text a picture to the Dr after a few days and he was worried it needed to be cut open. That was on a Friday and he said if it wasn't better by Tuesday then it needed to be cut open and drained again. Branson was SO worried about it and prayed a lot for it to heal. Luckily it healed ok but will probably have that scar forever.


Jerik's best buddy right now is Channing. He LOVES playing with him and they have so much fun together. I love driving them to preschool and listening to them tell each other stories of what they are excited about at that time. Their sweet voices are SO fun!! 

Silly picture from Tuachan. We were actually there to see Beauty and The Beast but this was there so we got a picture. 

During the summer time one of our favorite things is swimming all afternoon with Grandma April. Sometimes Jerik will get something in his head and won't change his mind. This particular day was especially challenging. Jerik woke up and decided he didn't want to swim today. He said it was because he would have to shower and didn't want to. I was sure we would get there and he would decide he wanted to swim but be in his close. I told him he didn't have to swim but he had to wear a swimsuit. He was so mad at me and cried for a good portion of the morning about it. We got there and he literately sat on the chair for the entire 4 hours. He ended up falling asleep for about 30 minutes like this but he stuck to his decision that day. Love all that this boy is!! 

 This picture isn't too flattering but I want to document the really good times we have!! One of our favorite things if we don't have anything Saturday nigh,t and AJ has Sunday morning off work, is to have a slumber party. We eat dinner in the living room on blankets while watching a movie. Sometimes we pick up Cafe Rio or make something simple. We usually have a treat too. Either something we made or stop at Maverik. Then we ALL sleep out in the living room that night. The kids love it and actually Mom and Dad do too. This night somehow we all snuggled together on the couch and Jerik fell asleep. I took a picture with my heart and decided I need one with my camera too!! :-) Love this family so much.

Jerik spent an hour of watching general conference like this! It was so quiet!!! Funny story.... The speaker said "... to succor them.." and Jerik yelled, "I love suckers!!" I guess they do listen. ;-)