Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pool & Temple

We got together with 6 out of the 7 cousins at the pool. Lots of fun. Silly faces!! A couple days later we took Shaylee to the Temple because she wanted to get some pictures there. Then we had to say good-bye so she could go back to Oregon and cry the whole drive home. :-( 

Branson 4th grade - Maycie 2nd grade

These two cute kids had their fist day of school. Maycie started 2nd grade and has Mrs. Blumel as a teacher. She is super excited about that! She said Mrs. Blumel is the nicest teacher and never yells. :-) This little princess is heaven sent. We tease her because she's in farfy land day dreaming a lot but in reality we wouldn't want her any other way. Love her sweetness. 

Branson started 4th grade and has Mrs. Bennett. He on the other hand wasn't quite as happy about his teacher but we're hoping it will get better. He is such a rock star! He will go out of his way to please someone. He can sense when I am stressed and thinks of what he can do to help me out. He has so many talents and abilities it's exciting to think of his future. Love that boy!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Jerik's first day of preschool (age 4)

Jerik has his first day of preschool (Watch Me Grow) today. It was actually orientation but since it was his “school”, he got out his new school shoes! He has been excited all morning and the day before. However, when it was time to leave, he was hysterical. He is so different that way than the other 2 kids have been. One year ago I was stressed about how he was going to do Joy School because he didn’t want to leave my side and wouldn’t. He would seriously cry forever if we tried to leave him. He is getting better but still struggles. Just like swimming lessons. Excited to do it and then cries until he’s there. He is doing another online preschool (Upstart) this year too and is happy to do big boy things. We love our little stink bug so much! He can be a giant handful but we’re trying to just let it go and not let his fits ruin our day. Love you baby bear!

Swim party at Uncle Kevin's

Uncle Kevin invited us over for a little summer swim party. Dillon and Danae were down visiting so it was extra fun to have them there with Alicia. The kids absolutely love the slide and could have swam there for another 4 hours. We had pizza and pie. Love this cute family! Alicia had a new selfie stick so we were able to get everyone in the picture (except Jerik because he wouldn’t). J

California King Snake

We were getting kids tucked into bed and AJ saw a king snake on the half wall out Maycie’s window. We had the kids stay inside while I went out and picked it up. Then we had them come out and hold it. They were in heaven! The boys were a little nervous at first but not Maycie! His name is Jake the Snake! We kept it until the next night to show him off. By the time we were going to let him go, there was no fear. Jerik was kissing him all over. Poor Maycie girl was so sad and cried for about 20 minutes. I think we all actually felt like crying!! 

Play date at the Visitor Center

The kids had a play date with Ashtyn and Camden today. We also had Klaira and Joelle over for the day. I decided to try the story time at the Visitor Center. The kids seemed to really enjoy it. The sister missionaries told a couple stories as they taught about honesty and we sang a couple of songs. It was about 30 minutes and so cute! For the next 20 minutes the kids walked around looking at all the different things, then we took a few pictures. I kind of had to make them leave because I was starving. It was a fun change to invite the spirit into our morning and do something different. 

Fun Date!

The kids and I had a fun day with no plans. I told them to choose what they wanted to do. Port of Subs for lunch, then the Children's Museum.