Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4th of July 2015

Last year were promised ourselves we would be adventurous and go watch the city fireworks. We told the kids and they decided they'd rather just have a slumber party. We figured it would be too hot like usual so we thought it was a good idea. AJ did lawns in the morning until about 10, then we ran some errands, had lunch, and the kids played cars with AJ while I worked on church stuff. We went to see the play Joseph Smith Praise to the Man at 2:00. Jerik's sunbeam teacher plays Joseph so it was really fun for him to see that. When he cried, so did Jerik. I couldn't believe the kids sad perfect through the entire 3 hours!! When it was over we went to Cafe Rio, got a movie, and came home. When it got dark enough we did some sparklers and a few fireworks then went to bed. The weather was SO nice and probably should have gone to watch the city fireworks! Oh well!