Monday, May 18, 2015


We spent some more time at Troy’s barn. Our favorite neighbor girl Jaynee joined us. The cows weren’t there which meant lots of room to chase the baby chicks all around. I think there were 3 sets of about 12 each. Kids were in absolute heaven. They also got some really weird looking Polish Chickens. Talk about bad hair day!! 

Branson's 3rd grade festival

Branson’s 3rd grade class has been working hard on their PE festival practices. It turned out really cute and was very unique. He has learned and grown so much this year. I feel like he excels in every category of life. I see him maturing each day. I often tell him and thank him for being my rock star!! Love this guy. J


We decided since AJ actually had a Saturday off and it was too cold for swimming, we had to go bowling. Grandma came along with us and we had a great time! I loved watching Jerik’s little body throw the ball and then rub his shirt on his hands while it slowly went down the lane. We were having fun taking pictures even though they’re horrible quality….

Stink Bug

Unfortunately Jerik has been extremely hard lately. We’re really hoping he’s just going through a phase and it will end soon. An extra hard child on top of a stubborn is a little much. He throws a fit getting his socks on, if he gets the wrong spoon, if someone asks him to do something, if he has to share a toy, etc. Another example is we went to Winger’s for dinner because the kids had certificates there. He was mad as heck for no reason as usually. I took a picture of him and then 5 minutes later he was falling asleep!! 

Another thing is I signed him up for swimming lessons. He absoluvely loves swimming and always asks for his floatie off so I thought it would be good to do some formal lessons. Well I was wrong! He has cried and bawled and whined every time he has to go. He is happy when he’s there and then he walks over to me and says, “I hate swimming lessons.” 

One day I was determined to get him to take a nap. About 45 minutes later I turned on Frozen and saw it's just not possible for him to nap!

On a much brighter note, he loves his little friend Channing. He asks each morning if Channing is coming over and how many days until he comes. They play SO good together and I love watching how they've grown and matured over the years. 

 Maycie loves barbies right now and monkey see monkey do. He wants to play them all day right now!

We walked to the park one day and he kept asking me to take his picture. He is so handsome! I do know he was sent to me for a reason because no one else could love him as much as I do!!

Father's and Son's

Everyone in our family looks forward to Father’s and Son’s camp out each year. This year the weather was looking a little yucky and for some reason it got cancelled the day of. Our boys still headed up with 4 other brave families to have some fun anyway. As you can see the ground was dry as a bone and they had a great time! Maycie and I will be forever grateful they went because we had a fun day! We checked the kids out of school at noon, ate lunch, and went our separate ways. Maycie and I went to get a smoothie at Orange Peel, Ulta for some lipstick and nail polish, Target for some necklaces and Ross for some workout pants and a Barbie. After some shopping we went to Ihop for dinner because she really wanted crepes. Then Seagull Book, Kohls, and Freddy’s for some ice cream. We came home and watched Annie, painted our fingernail, and ate ice cream in my bed, then went to sleep. Unfortunately my camera went dead that afternoon and the car charger wouldn't work so I didn't get many pictures. 

Jerik's Brick Oven Field Trip

Each year that I have taught my kids joy school, we have gone to Brick Oven for a little field trip. They absolutely love it. Each child makes their own pizza, gets root beer, and a sucker.