Friday, April 24, 2015

Jerik's fire station field trip

Jerik had a fire station field trip today. He was so excited!! The fire fighters were so cute with the kids and taught them so much. Right in the beginning the guy was explaining how to get out of your house if there is a fire. Jerik said, “You can throw a rock at the window if you need to!” Yay!! But then the guy said, “Do you guys have a meeting place after you get out of the house?” Jerik said, “We don’t!” We totally have talked about this a few times! Then later the guy was talking about wearing seat belts. He asked if they all wear their seat belts and sit in boosters. Then he said, “Always remind Mom and Dad to wear their seat belts too.” Right away Jerik said, “My Dad doesn't ever wear his seat belt!” Haha!! I explained he does but I’m sure the guy thinks we’re great parents. J

Left to right: Addie, Kennedy, Channing, Brooklyn, Teagan, Collin, Jerik

Maycie's 1st grade program

Our beautiful girl had her end of year program for 1st grade. Can’t believe it! We are so proud of her and who she is. Her teacher has told me several times how much she enjoys having her in the class. She says the class isn't the same without her and that Maycie’s good example is contagious. Maycie has progressed so much in math, reading, and writing this year and is well above where she needs to be. She is such a happy, kind girl that people want to be around. We love you Maycie girl. 

 Maycie and Camden

Monday, April 13, 2015

Bring on spring!

Grandpa Larry drove down Wednesday to spend the weekend with us. He stayed one night here and we had a little slumber party. Then they rented the casita from the people across the street. We painted my bedroom together that afternoon. Thursday we worked out, then played all day! My cousin Kristin and her family were in town and came over that night. We had enchiladas for dinner and laughed like we always do. We played outside until they went home. Branson rigged up a contraption to take Colton on a ride. If you look closely, he didn't like it at all!! We enjoyed our time together an din the sun a lot! We walked to the park twice, played football, the boys played catch out front, we went to Branson's soccer game, etc. It was so fun to laugh and laugh. So sad it's over and can't wait until our next party!

Here is Maycie with the neighbor dog Lola. The kids absolutely love this dog and the dog loves them. Every time she gets let out she runs straight down to our house. 

Kids in their new Easter outfits from Grandma Sue and Grandpa Larry

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

Kids love Easter that’s certain! Grandma did an Easter egg hunt for them the week before since we wouldn’t be seeing her. Kids loved every minute! Then Sunday morning the Easter Bunny had come. He hid some eggs, swim goggle, diving toys, Pokemon, and crackers. Mon and Dad got the kids flipflops. Grandma Sue and Grandpa Larry got them each a new outfit. We watched conference then headed up to Enterprise. We did another little Easter Egg hunt around the property. It's one of the kids' favorite memories. Connor also took them on a tractor ride. I did NOT like the idea because it was dangerous however I was the only one. :-) Then we had dinner and headed home. It was a great day!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring is here! April 2015

Spring is here and we LOVE it! We planned for Grandma to fly down a long time ago. So Wednesday I picked her up while the kids were at school. We had Sappington’s over for French toast to celebrate Brayden’s birthday. Thursday the kids went to school so we just hung out and cooked a bunch of healthy foods. Friday there was no school so we (including Joelle and Klaira) headed into town. We went to the Children’s Museum. It was extra fun because there were new things. After that we had a picnic lunch and played in the water for a couple hours. Fun Days!