Thursday, March 26, 2015

Red Cliffs and hair cut

Wednesday was hiking at Red Cliffs. We woke up to cold windy weather. Luckily we were blessed and it warmed up! We again checked kids out about 11 and met Grandma, Warren, and Danielle. We stopped for an Elephant ride on the way up to the pools. We played around for a couple hours but the water was seriously so cold! Then we head to get back for Maycie to do gymnastics and Branson to do soccer practice. AJ is coaching so Warren said, “Would it be ok if I play with the boys?” That is what we were planning on but it just shows you how sweet of a boy he is. J That night we had dinner at our house. Taco soup with avocado and chips, salad, cornbread muffins, and mint chocolate cookies. Danielle’s favorite part of the day was this….. While we were playing in the water I said, “Warren, will you let me cut your hair if we buy you something in place of the hair?” Everyone gives him a hard time about his hair and it’s always absolutely no. He said, “Ok, if I can pick a toy out at Wal-Mart, I’ll let you do it.” Mom said, “Heck yes I will buy you a toy!!” There was a hand shake, and it was final. So after dinner, I pulled out my hand dandy clippers and was in heaven! I made him some pony tails and braids for a souvenir. He seriously looks SO handsome!!  


Tuesday night when we were cleaning up dinner Branson walked in and said, "Grandma, the girl next door asked if I could go to the bar with her?? What should I say?" We were laughing so hard because the girl is about 10 but can't say her R's. We were like, "Say NO!" But instead we all headed to the BARN. It was SO stinkin fun! AJ and I were thinking we didn't have all those experiences as a child and how lucky they were! First we took turns riding Dixie in her little corral, then headed up to the arena for some better riding. Maycie rode her for about 10 minutes and could completely lead her! (PS we were all in flip flops because we didn't think we'd be farming!)

We stopped to see and pet a couple other horses. Next we headed over to the chickens. There were a bunch of new chicks so the kids chased them around trying to catch them without getting pecked by the Mom. Quite entertaining!  

Then we headed over to the cows. One calve was about 28 hours old. It was so sweet! Troy kept asking Jerik, “Which one do you want to pet next?” Jerik would tell him, and then he’d go rope them up and carry them over to him. Everyone was sticking their fingers in the baby’s mouth and it would suck on their fingers. The Moms were not happy and finally we talked Troy out of there. Ha ha! 

After that, we stopped at the sheep. AJ and Troy went in and rounded up the sheep to put their rope things on so they couldn’t bite. Then all the kids headed in. They took turns leading them around the arena. It was SOOO cute! What 3 year old gets to lead sheep around? And…. Is strong enough to do it? Picture overload but it was awesome!


Sunday Danielle and Warren came to church with us. I don’t know what was going on but Maycie came into my class 10 minutes before church was out and after I took one look at her face said, “You’re going to throw up!” She shook her head no and started crying. She sad on my lap for a couple minutes then started puking in the garbage can. It was so weird and random! We headed to Grandma and Grandpa’s for dinner anyway because she acted normal and felt good plus didn’t have a fever. We had burritos and tostadas with lemon pie for dessert. We kept telling Maycie to lay down and not to eat. She really wanted to play and eat dinner though. We let her eat a little and stayed for a few hours. When we finally decided to get ready to leave, she headed right out front. Grandpa went to talk to her and she said, “I don’t feel good.” He picked her up and tried to baby her. She asked to be put down but it was too late, the pressure on her stomach from him made her puke all over him. It was super sad because she was so embarrassed and said she was so sorry she did that. It broke my heart and told her it was no problem! Grandpa called as we were driving home and told her she could throw up on him anytime she wants. She felt all better! Now we laugh that Maycie threw up on Grandpa. I don’t think he’s had that experience in his lifetime.

Monday everyone went to work and school, and then we met at our house for dinner. Chick pea burgers, veggie tray, and key lime pie. ( No pictures )

Tuesday was the river. I talked to the kid’s teachers a few weeks ago, and they agreed that it would be just fine for me to take the kids out of school a little to spend time with their cousin. I checked them out around 11 and we headed out. AJ dug a huge tunnel that turned into their hot tub at one point, we built sand castles, skipped rocks, ate lunch, made rivers, fed the ducks, visited, laughed, and got a little sunburned. J It was a great day! We stopped at home to shower off then headed to Grandma and Grandpa’s for pot pie and chocolate ice cream. 


We haven't been swimming with Grandma for months until today! Danielle and Warren were coming down for the week so we planned a pool party. We invited cousins Brayden and Kayla so were only missing Shaylee. Kids had a really great time and somehow don't feel cold! The adults couldn't stand to get it but still had lot of fun. After swimming we headed to Grandma and Grandpa's for dutch oven, BBQ beans, salad, and orange creamsicle popsicles. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring Break Las Vegas 2015

We have been going to Vegas for a few days the past couple of Spring Breaks so figured we might as well keep it a tradition. It’s so fun to be together without distractions or working while making memories! We left Sunday morning and went to check in at our hotel. We swam at the indoor pool for a few hours, then ordered pizza, played hide and go seek, watched cartoons, and went to bed. The next morning after breakfast we went to Whole Foods, Silverton Casino to see the fish, Mall, Town Square Park, A couple more stores, lunch at Sweet Tomatoes, then Acadia Park. It was a great day and pretty much our routine while we’re there!! Tuesday we got up and went to a few more stores, lunch at Fausto’s with giant kid burritos, then back to the hotel to swim at the outdoor pool. It was so nice and relaxing!!! We ate ice cream for dinner, played more hide and go seek, watched some shows, and went to bed. Wednesday it was time to come home. We were super sad to leave our getaway. Our kids were awesome and this year I didn’t have the flu!!

Love looking at him in his carseat!! 

Maycie was talking to the sting ray like it was her baby. She is so sweet!! 

 All fun and games until Jerik tripped and got road rash on his head at the park. He kept saying, "I not yove that girl anymore!" (The girl he tripped over)