Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day/President's Day

We had lots of fun over the weekend. Friday after school I picked the kids up from the bus stop and we went to Highland Park for about 4 hours. It was so nice!! The kids didn't want to leave. Klaira and Joelle came with us.

Saturday morning we went to the school so I could run the track and the kids could play on the playground. Next we headed to the Valentine's Party at the Coral Canyon Clubhouse. I did the crafts while the kids ate junk food for an hour. Probably won't go again for a while but the kids had fun. :-) Driving home someone made a beautiful V in the sky for Valentine's Day. Next we went to the park with Grandma and Grandpa for about an hour. AJ caught me a handsome lizard. Then Ihop for dinner, and a family slumber party in the living room. 

Sunday was the usual church and Grandma and Grandpa's for dinner. Then the kids stayed the night. They had lots of fun! Jerik and I met Grandma and the older two at a hike about noon. We were there for about 4 hours then headed home to see Dad. Here is a picture of Jerik in my bed. It's how we all feel! 

 I'm sure you can see his tonsils but notice the Temple in the background! 

Monday, February 9, 2015


Grandma April has had these chairs at her house for a very long time. They used to be hers and Uncle Kenny’s when they were little. One was up high on a plant shelf and the other was in the extra room. No one ever played with them because we thought they weren’t supposed to. She wanted to get rid of them but didn’t really want to and asked if I’d want them. It must have been a good day when I felt ambitious and said yes. They sat in my garage for a week until it was a beautiful sun shining day. I started to take them apart and got excited about them. Within 48 hours they were transformed. I replaced the foam padding on the seat and just stapled the new fabric on. But I actually sewed new pads with new foam for the back. It had loops and everything. I am not a sewer but think they turned out really cute. AJ helped me try to pain them with a brush for a little bit but after about 15 minutes I said “Would you please run to Wal-Mart and get me some spray paint. I hate brushes!” Anyway, here they are. 


Maycie girl

I was telling Grandma April about a conversation I had with Maycie a couple weeks ago and luckily she reminded me I need to document it. So here ya go.... As a family we watched our wedding video. When Grandpa Brian and I were dancing, Maycie asked if I was sad to leave him. I told her it was kind of sad but I was so happy to marry Dad. With AJ's personality he had to tell her that one day she was going to grow up and leave us. She said she didn't want to and that was pretty much the end of the conversation. About 10 minutes after we got the kids in bed, she came in our room hysterical. She said she doesn't ever want to leave us and she's too sad about that. She asked if she has to. I said, "It is such a long time away that I don't want you to worry about that. You don't have to get married but the magical thing about it is that one day it will feel right. Of course you might feel sad, but you can come visit Mom and Dad whenever you want and we'll talk on the phone every day." She asked if she could live next door to us. I told her sure and immediately she said, "which house?" It was so sweet. I told her that it is a long time away so we might live in a difference house and she might want to live down the street or just close by. She said she'll wait and get married when she's 40. I told her that was a great idea but that she's going to break a lot of boys' hearts when the time comes. Honestly I'd like for her to live with me until she's 40 too. I don't want any of these sweet kids of mine to grow up and leave. But it was one of those sweet moments that reminded me, I must treasure every single moment with these precious babies I've been given. They mean so much to me and I love them! :-)

Monday, February 2, 2015

Quick trip and fun surprise!

When AJ saw he had a 3 day weekend, he suggested we go up north and surprise my Mom. I talked to Larry and we all agreed it would be perfect! We didn't even want to tell the kids because if it was bad weather we wouldn't be able to go. It must have been meant to be because the weather was PERFECT. Better than St. George in fact! We told the kids Wednesday night and they were super excited! We checked them out of school at 12:30 and headed up. Larry told her he was taking her somewhere special and to get ready. She couldn't figure out where they'd be going but got ready. At 4:45 we knocked at the door. When she opened it she breathed in A LOT of air!! Her eyes went back and forth to each of our faces faster than you could imagine. She was crying and of course I was! We explained the surprise and there was no where to go so get her PJ's back on!! We played ticket to ride and had pizza for dinner. I also learned something very important! In order to get kids to fall asleep fast without fighting it, go to bed at midnight each night. And by midnight, I mean 12:10 or 12:25! I am not sure we've ever stayed up that late! Friday morning we got up and headed over to see Great Grandma and Grandpa Ashcroft. We made healthy cookies and went to Pizza Pie Cafe for lunch. Then back to Grandma Sue and Grandpa Larry's house for some more playing! JoAnne and Woody came over and we visited and laughed our butts off until midnight! The kids liked to go upstairs and play in a spare room that has only a mattress. They took a couple of toys up with them from the basement. We'd hear them jumping all around and laughing. When they'd come down they'd be super sweaty! Grandpa started saying, “Were you guys up there playing sweaty eddy again?” Ha ha! Maycie also dressed up in Zoey's coat and we laughed so hard. Then I put the coat on Zoey and had her standing up on her back legs, then started moving her in dancing motions while singing “It's all about that bass!” I'm pretty sure we laughed for 5 minutes straight! Saturday morning we got up, had an amazing waffle breakfast, played ticket to ride, then headed back to visit Great Grandma and Grandpa Ashcroft again. After a couple hours we came back and..... you guessed..... played ticket to ride! We were all in the kitchen while my Mom was getting the dogs' food ready. I told Branson if he ate some dog food Grandpa would give him $5 bucks! He said no way. Grandpa pretending to put some in his mouth and Jerik was super surprised. We told him that he was tricking!! Then.... Grandpa Larry actually threw the piece of dog food in his mouth! We were dying!! Screaming and laughing! He wasn't sure how funny it was when he couldn't get the taste out of his mouth!! JoAnne and Woody came over again that night about 6:00 and we all played hide and go seek in the dark. It was quite the adventure to have 3 floors to hide on!! AJ and Larry went to the movies at 10:00 and the rest of us stayed up and visited. Sunday morning we got up, quickly played ticket to ride, and headed home. One thing I failed to mention is we took the dogs for a walk morning and night. It is one of the kids most favorite thing in the whole wide world. We were all wishing it was warmer so those walks could have been longer. A couple of things about this trip and our family..... #1- I love my Grandma and Grandpa so much and am so grateful my kids all know their Great Grandma and Grandpa Ashcroft. They are so lucky they are old enough to have these memories with them. Since I was little my Grandparents would always make me feel so special and do anything to have a good time! Now it warms my heart to see them treating my kids the very same way. #2 My Aunt JoAnne and Uncle Woody are so cute to come over both nights to hang out with us. They are some of the sweetest people in the world and are so happy they found each other. They were such good sports to play hike and go seek! #3 Last but not least is my Mom and Larry. You can tell by the look on their faces that Branson, Maycie, and Jerik and some of their most favorite people in the whole wide world. They would do anything for them at the drop of a hat. They are so patient, kind, and loving! Seeing them every 2-3 months is just not enough. My kids have said more than once they'd rather go up there than to Disneyland. These Grandparents spoil us and we are so happy to have them in our lives!! We have made some of the best memories.Now for the pictures