Monday, January 5, 2015

Branson's 9th Birthday!

Branson turned 9 and had the best weekend! It started with Friday (2nd) opening his own bank account. In our family, the kids will get their own on their 9th birthday. Since the bank lobby was closed Saturday, he got to open his present from Mom and Dad and go in on Friday. We gave him his new bear scout stuff, cash to deposit in his account, and a ziploc bag full of all the money from his piggy bank since he was a baby. Every once in a while I would empty his piggy bank into that bag and he had NO idea! He was SOOO excited as you can tell by the pictures. We went to the bank and it ended up being $143.34. 

Saturday was his actual birthday and his friend party. We were going to go to the movie theater but last minute changed to a movie at our house since there were no kid movies playing. We watched "How To Train Your Dragon 2" and had popcorn and mints. Then headed to Arctic Circle for ice cream cones. The kids were so excited and SO cute about the whole thing. He also opened up presents there. He got.... Candy and gum from Tanner - Movie, butterfinger, and Pokemon cards from Ashtyn and Camden - Ninja turtle guy from Waylon - Ninja climbers from Kayla - 3D puzzle from Brayden - Book, Pokemon cards, Ninja turtle bracelets and a bookmark from EJ. 

That night we let him open his birthday cards. He got $40 plus 12 of his state quarters from Grandma Sue and Grandpa Larry - $15 from Great Grandma and Grandpa - $10 from Great Grandpa Halversen - $9 from Aunt Danielle and Cousin Warren. He was able to buy a Ninja Turtle van and deposit $50 into his account. 

Sunday night he got ANOTHER party. We went to Grandma April and Grandpa Brian's house for Mexican food. He also got to choose his favorite strawberry/banana ice cream. They gave him a new CTR ring and $10. Charlene also brought over a $5 check and a $2 bill. He was very excited!!! 

Monday Jeirk and I brought candy bars to his classroom and sang to him. His teacher this year is Mrs. Davis and we looooove her! Seriously it isn't birthDAYs but birthday WEEKENDS. :-) We love Branson so much and can't believe he's alread 9!! 

Friday, January 2, 2015

New Years Eve!

For New Year's Eve we went to stay in a cabin in Pine Valley with the Limb's. We've been good friends with them for many years and had SO much fun laughing until we cried like we always do. It snowed 7" overnight and the kids were in heaven!! We played games, had Mexican food, watched movies, and went to bed by 10:46!! :-) When we got back into town we went to Olive Garden together. We look forward to many more parties with them! 

Draft horses

Grandpa Brian has been teaching the kids about horses. He found some Draft horses in town and they love going to see them. Grandpa says one is in foal which means pregnant. Maycie keeps asking if the horse had it's foal which technically doesn't make sense but it makes us smile!