Sunday, September 21, 2014

Maycie's Dance recital

Maycie finished up another year of dance and had her recital. It was absolutely adorable! They danced to "Hey Mickey!" and "In Summer". Here are a few pictures. Branson was my photographer so I had about 30 to choose from.

Branson's Football team

We signed Branson up for flag football this year. It was the first time he's ever played. He was pretty nervous but has ended up really loving it. He has such a fun team and Coach Dye is so good with all of them. Go Giants!

 "Silly" picture

Friday, September 19, 2014


Wednesday we got all geared up for another day and were in line 1 hour and 20 minutes early. Then this employee comes up to us and gives us a card for a magic morning entry into California Adventure. We about died!!! Only Disneyland Resort guests get into California Adventure early. It was amazing! We ran to Cars and walked right on, then walked on Hollywood Tower of Terror, Toy Story mania, California Screaming. By then it we’d only been in the park for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Unbelievable!!!  We did tons of rides all day and the Pixar Parade again that night. At about 6:00 Grandma took Branson and Maycie to Screamin. We took Jerik on a few mellow rides, then he told us he wanted to go back to the hotel so we did. In the mean time, Grandma took them on Screamin twice, Tower of Terror, and Cars. It was her last day with us before she headed home and they absolutely made the best of it. We were all so happy to have her with us! The kids are lucky to have a Grandma that is able to do all that.

 Branson on zipline

Jerik on zipline

Hollywood Tower of Terror

Bumper cars


Phineas and Ferb. Too hot for their Rockin dance party!

Being Bugs! Jerik was so funny in this show. Afterwards he checked himself out to make sure he was ok and still whole.

Firetruck at Cars. Absolutely LOVE this picture of Jerik being as happy as can be.

Thursday we had to say Good-bye. Branson was crying and crying and crying. Which got Grandma going, then of course me. It was so sad to see them go and Grandma said she’ll never leave a day early again! We walked over to be in line for about an hour and a half when again….. a lady came over to us and asked us to come here. We went with her and she said, “Go ahead into the park now and enjoy it!” It total cured Branson’s sadness and we partied! Went on every ride we wanted to, some of them more than once. We also let the kids play on Tarzan's Treehouse, road the train, went to a Halloween Carnival, and took a raft ride over to Pirate Cove Island. That night the park closed at 5:00. We didn't care because we had reservations for dinner at Goofy’s Kitchen! That place is amazing with all the food and about 6 characters come to the table for autographs. Alice and Wonderland came over and talked with a lovely accent. Branson started laughing hysterically. Which got everyone else laughing. Poor princess!! Minnie also came back a few times and danced with Maycie. Such an amazing trip! Kids were SO fun to be with. I remember saying Tuesday night that we hadn’t had one single problem with Branson or Maycie. Just a few hiccups with the 3-year-old. 

Splash Mountain picture taken with our phone

In front of Haunted Mansion

Family on a Tea Cup. Not to be confused with the ride..... we're smarter than that!! 

Raft ride over to Pirate Island Cove

Tarzan's Treehouse

Goofy's Kitchen

Laughing with Alice in Wonderland at Goofy's Kitchen

Halloween Carnival

 Last picture of the day. So fun!


It was finally time!! We were all dying to get in and start the rides. Monday was spent at California Adventure. First was Cars!! Jerik absolutely loved it! Well, we all did but it was his first time. :-) Then it went California Screaming (Maycie's first time and in LOVE), then Toy Story Mania, Swings, Goofy's Sky School, Little Mermaid, and Grizzly River Run. It was only about 1:00 by then and I was sick! Too much riding too fast. It also was maybe from the heat. So we decided to take a break and do Disney Jr. Live on Stage and Turtle Talk with Crush. Both are absolutely ADORABLE!!! The funniest thing with Crush... He wanted to talk to Malibu Maycie. He asked her name and taught her to speak turtle. Then he asked where she was from and she didn't answer. Then he asked who she came with and she didn't answer. He said we had to get to the bottom of this and asked if she had a Mama or Papa bear in the audience. I pointed to AJ. Luckily he said, "Mama bear pointed to Papa bear so I better talk to her." He asked where we were from and a few questions. Then he told me just a minute..... He went down by Maycie and said, "Malibu Maycie, you live in Washington, Utah. Just follow those two people back there and they'll get you home safely ok?" We were laughing so hard! Maycie still isn't sure that was very funny. :-)  Next we got right back to it and headed to Hollywood Tower of Terror. It was Jerik's first time. Seriously!?!!?! This boy has NO fear.  He looked like a tiny baby on that ride. He was laughing so hard and wanted to go on it again and again. Can't really remember the order of the rest of the day but we did everything (some more than once), watched the parade, and the amazing World of Color. 

Grizzly River Run

Playhouse Disney Live On Stage

Turtle Talk with Crush

Jerik's face immediately after the elevator stopped at Hollywood Tower of Terror. People back at home wanted proof. 

Waiting for the cutest parade ever.... Pixar Parade..... It's a play play it's a play parade....

World of Color

Tuesday we had magic morning at Disneyland. Only Fantasyland was open so we ran to Peter Pan, Snow White, Pinocchio, Dumbo, then waited at the gate for a few minutes to get on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. We took Jerik on Space Mountain for the first time. It's all re done for Halloween on awfully scary. When the ride stopped he said, "I not yike that creepy guy!" Next was Splash Mountain and a few more.... Grandma April's cousin Linda and her family were meeting us in the afternoon and greeted us at the exit of Pirates. We went back to Splash Mountain with them. Grandma April had bought the picture at the exit of the ride in the morning and wanted to change it for the better one we just had. They wouldn't let her. We all went our separate rides for the next 30 minutes and Linda surprised April by buying the other picture for her! Next was Jungle Cruise, the 4 oldest kids on Autopia a few times, then the parade. It was so fun to have their family with us. The kids loved hanging out with their girls! After they left we went on Space Mountain one last time. Jerik was absolutely exhausted. When the ride stopped he started fake crying dramatically about the creepy guy. Then Thursday he begged to go on it over and over again.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad



Linda, Grandma, Me, Dad

Picture 1
Picture 2

Jungle Cruise