Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Maycie's 6th birthday

This girl is growing right up. We had lots of times to celebrate. Saturday we went swimming with Grandma April. Brayden and Kayla stopped by to bring her some books and have some chocolate cake. Sunday we had a party at Grandma April and Grandpa Brian's house with Charlene. We bought her this cute pink #6 candle to put on her treat. When I took it out the toothpick part of it was broke. I wanted her to use it so I tried to tape it on. As you can see in that picture she was pretty nervous about it falling on her hands. Monday morning I went to the store to exchange it for one that worked. Tuesday was  her actual birthday. She was queen Maycie of Washington for the day. I went to her school to present her birthday poster, ready Hegedy Peg, and pass out some taffy. Her party with her friends was supposed to be at the Splash Pad. Weather was horribly rainy and cold that morning so I changed it to our house. Then a couple hours before it cleared up. So we headed up to the Highland Park. We played red rover, did a pinata, had ice cream cones with play-doh ice cream, and opened presents. That night we went to Ihop for dinner and did family presents. Things she received that were not pictured are.... socks from Jerik, Frozen soundtrack and $20 from Grandma Sue and Grandpa Larry, $10 from Great Grandpa Halversen, silver ballet flats and $2 from Great Grandma and Grandpa Ashcroft, and tennis shoes from Mom and Dad. As you can tell, this girl is spoiled. Here are all the cute pictures of the celebrations!

Jerik's creations

Every day after the kids get on the bus, Jerik starts to play. If we are home and don't have errands to run he will play for 2 hours or sometimes 3. He gets every single thing out of the closet and lines them up just perfect in his way. He talk to them and puts them to sleep. I love listening to him and watching him. He's so creative and doesn't have anyone to mess up his stuff! Each of these pictures are from a different day. And the hours of an entertained child is so worth helping him clean up for 10 minutes! 

Jerik's first day of preschool

Jerik started a joy-school group we put together with girls in the ward. He goes every Monday for two hours. Here he is on the first day. Picture left to right..... Jerik Schmutz, Teagan Clark, Kennedy Phillips, Channing Wilcox, Ethan Horrocks, Olivia Lowe. Jerik is 3 years old and has already learned so much from just one week!
Silly faces picture....

Monday, August 11, 2014

First day of school 2014

Today Branson started the 3rd grade and Maycie started 1st grade. It was a big year for Maycie to start going all day and eating lunch there. We have all really enjoyed the summer but it's a good thing it's time to go back. There will be less fighting for sure!! Both kids were really excited but didn't want to lead on to that. They kept telling people they weren't excited and they didn't like school and they weren't going to go. I could see right through that though!! I can't believe these cute kids are growing right up. It's going to be a big change for me to just have one child at home all day. Cheers to a great year!! :-)

Our cute Jerik boy

I just want to document some of the cute things Jerik has said over the last couple weeks. There are lots more I'm sure I'm forgetting because this boy says funny stuff all of the time.

#1- He's a little obsessed with the chap stick that is round. So a lot of times throughout the day he's say, "Mom please me have some your ball chap it?"

#2- He really likes to go see AJ's Dad at Kolob. We aren't sure why because it's not that exciting. Everyone knows he calls AJ by his real name and not Dad. He recently asked, "Dad what your Dad name called?" He told him it was Jimmie. Now all day he asks, "Please me go see AJ's Jimmie?" I'm not sure why he refuses to say the word Dad.

#3- The other night AJ got called into work at 1:30am for an alarm. It woke Jerik up and he was still awake when he got home 30 minutes later. AJ and I were talking about his lunch and if it was ok to sit in the truck while he slept for another hour and then went in. He said he better get it because there was a PJ&J, yogurt, and naked juice. Jerik sat up and said, "Ewwww! Grosssss! I hate that naked." We were laughing so hard!

#4- He has also started this thing where if we're teasing him or he can't figure something out he says with a very cute smile on his face, "Are you kidding me guys?" Ha ha!!

#5- We were at Grandma and Grandpa's house last night for dinner and Jerik wanted to go feed the horses a carrot. He went to get one from the shed but Grandma already got them from the kitchen. He came riding out from the shed with a mad look on his face because he couldn't find any. I said, "Hey Jerik Grandma already got some carrots from the kitchen." He took of on his wiggle car and said so loud, "Oh shoot guys!"

#6- I was talking to Maycie about growing up. Jerik said, "When I grow up, I be popo (cop)." I told him he couldn't be a popo because it was too dangerous and I didn't want him to get hurt from a bad guy. He said in his cute, innocent, sweet Jerik voice, "No..... Cause I will give him a hug and he will be nice to me."

#7- Jerik woke up in my bed and asked me to scratch his back. Then he said, "Branson fratch my back too hard and I not yike that, then AJ fratch my back too tiny."

#8- I sneezed and Jerik said bless you. I told him thank you and he said his famous "you too!"

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sand Hollow

Saturday morning the O'Connor's invited us to the lake that day. AJ was working but last minute he took half  of a vacation day and we packed up to go. We went to Sand Hollow. They borrow jet skis from a friend so we rode those and played on the sand for about 4 hours. Fun day and thanks to the O'Connor for inviting us!

Jerik was SOOOO tired. He was like this before we even left the parking lot!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Yankee Meadows 2014

Once again this year we chose Yankee Meadows for our annual family camping trip. Yes just once a year we go camping! We invited the O'connor's and were so excited they said yes. We arrived Wednesday around 3:00 to set up camp. The kids were cheering and screaming as we pulled in. Branson had remembered all the little details of that place. We had taco salad wraps for dinner and s'mores for dessert. The kids played around exploring the area and looking for firewood. Unfortunately Branson split the skin open on his leg and Camden burnt his hand on the fire. Thursday the Dad's took all the kids but Addie fishing. So Trista, Addie and I went for a 4 wheeler ride. It was a nice break from those crazy kids! :-) The highlight of the day was that Chris set up traps to catch chipmunks. One was with a Pringles can hooked to a fishing pole and the other with a cardboard box and fishing pole. He pretty much worked on it all day! But.... there were 2 captured in the end. It was so entertaining for the kids, well and the adults! We played a few games, went on more 4 wheeler rides, rode bikes, went for a walk, and just hung out. Ashtyn really wanted to go snipe hunting so we did. We walked up the path banging sticks together. All at once Chris saw one. He ran up there but it got away tearing his pants! Then AJ saw one, he chased after it and also got his pants torn. Our 3 kids were loving it and wanted to go after it too. The O'Connor kids not so much. They were all screaming and running away. I guess snipe hunting wasn't as fun as we thought. It was cheap entertainment when we got back to camp and the boys tore the remains of the pants into shorts and made a hat! That night we had hot dogs for dinner and peach cobbler for dessert. The sky looked yucky but we hoped we'd miss out on having too much rain. Nope! It rained quite a bit for about an hour. Our tent leaked and everything was pretty wet. Not a fun muddy mess to clean up. Glad it's over and we won't have to do it again until next year. But also really glad we were able to go up there and have a good time!