Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer vacation day 6 & 7

Thursday was Grandma Sue's birthday. Unfortunately we started out the day doing throw up laundry. Jerik had too much junk food and threw up 5 minutes after we all fell asleep. Luckily it was only one more time then he was good. We mostly relaxed around the house playing with the dogs, ticket to ride, and enjoying the nice cool weather!

Friday we went to the Hill Air Force Base Museum for a couple hours, to visit Great Gradnma and Grandpa one last time, then back to Grandma Sue and Grandpa Larry's house. JoAnne and Woody stopped by for a quick visit. Then of course we had to play ticket to ride again. 

Day 4 & 5

Tuesday was Great Grandpa's actual birthday. My Grandma and planned for there to be an open house 10-6. It was such a fun time visiting with everyone and again laughing until we cried. The kids wrestled with cousin Zach and uncle Bert, made para-cord bracelets with cousin Lucas, caught bugs, tried to make a zip-line, etc. We stayed there until 10:00 pm. It was really hard to say good-bye because all the family from Alabama and Tennessee were flying back the next day. Here are some really cute pictures of the day.

Wednesday we went to Boondocks. We all love that place. There is bowling, roller ball, arcade, kiddie cove, go-karts, slick track, rookie track, batting cage, bumper cars, and laser tag. This was another 10:00 am-4:30 pm day. 

Day 2 & 3

Sunday we played ticket to ride all day then headed to JoAnne and Woody's house for dinner. Everyone on my Mom's side that lives around that area came. There were 26 people total. It was SO good to see everyone. We visited, did races, leg wrestled, and again laughed our heads off! Shame on me for not getting any pictures that day. Except..... This picture of Jerik sleeping. I was paranoid that he would pee on my Mom's bed so I snuck a diaper over his clothes after he fell asleep each night. And we all loved this cute boy being big on Grandpa's chair. 

Monday we went to Cherry Hill. It's a water park about 4 minutes from Grandma Sue's house. We were there 10:30 am-4:30 pm. Fun!

Summer trip day 1

We've been really excited about this summer trip. There was LOTS of fun so here is day 1. We all woke up really early and were on the road by 7:30 am Saturday morning. This day was our big dinner in Ogden. It was a celebration for my Grandpa Ashcroft's 80th birthday. It was SOOOO much fun to see everyone. These are all our favorite people which we haven't seen some for 5 years!! Dinner was at Prairer Shrooner's. It was a really fun place which made cute backdrops for these pictures.

I love everything about this picture. All 4 kids look adorable. It was taken on Great Grandma and Gradnpa's front steps. Perfect!

Great big Grandpa hug!

My kids LOVE to crush cans in the basement with Great Grandpa. Branson asked first thing and Grandpa said, "oh maybe in a while." Grandma turned around and said, "No go down stairs and do it with them now, ok?" Ha Ha!

We left everyone at Grandma's house and headed to Grandpa Larry and Grandma Sue's house. We didn't get there until about 7:00 but we stayed up and laughed and laughed on their deck until about 10:00. the kids are in love with Rosie and Zoey. They'd be bored to death without each other! 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Jerik turns 3

This cute boy turned 3 but will be my baby forever. He always says, "I big boy, but me Mommy's baby!" Love it!! I normally don't do birthday parties for my kids when they turn 3 but I really wanted to this year. We're doing a joyschool group in August with his age and I wanted the kids to get used to each other and being here. Jerik was VERY excited to have his friends come over to see him. Branson and Maycie were also couldn't wait to be the helpers! The day of his birthday we got up and did the balloons for the front door  very first because 2 kids were REALLY excited about that part. Then we got ready and headed to Chick-Fil-A for lunch. We stopped and got cupcakes and balloons then headed home for a movie. Jerik was spoiled rotten and loved every minute of it. In the mail he got a card with $15 from Great Grandma and Grandpa Ashcroft, and a card with $25 from Grandma Sue and Grandpa Larry. He just LOVED getting those cards and "dah-dahs" (dollars) to pack around all day. He asked me to read them a lot throughout the day. From his friends he got a bubble machine, sunglasses, tractors, ninja turtle slingshot, ball, and treats. It was really funny at his party he was helping all the kid get on their chairs and do different things. He thinks they are all babies and he's so much older. Maybe because he's so much bigger.  Anyway we played ring around the rosies, duck duck goose, and with toys. I knew it needed to be really simple because they were so little and some were nervous. At 6:00 Grandma April and Charlene came over. Charlene got him 2 pair of flip-flops since that's all he wears! And Grandma brought a sprinkler, bath toy, bubble machine, and a great big ball. At 7:00 Kevin, Miquel, Dillon, and Danae came over. Some of us had Grandma April's yummy healthy pie and some had strawberry shortcake. :-)  Funny thing.... Jerik said the strawberry shortcake was gross and wanted Grandma's pie. She's trained them well! Kevin brought Jerik 2 big tractors and a card with $2. It was so fun watching his face light up with excitement and be really sweet about everything. He would say "Mom pease me open this present now?" And he'd always give the person a hug and say "Sanks that present me!" The craziest thing ever is the next morning when I woke up and realized the presents WE got him were still in the laundry room. I can't believe that all 5 of us forgot to grab them! It was perfect though because cousins Brayden and Kayla came over the next afternoon so we got to have another little party. Brayden gave him a spider-man ball and Kayla gave him a "tebby bear". Some fun things about Jerik at this age is that he still loves his "oh soft blanky" He rubs the soft part all over his mouth and face. When he's tired he'll run to get it and crawl up on my lap to snuggle. Especially when he has a mouth full of food to suck on. ~~He's always been really clingy to me and doesn't ever want to go anywhere without me. I haven't worried to much about it until I think about going to Kindergarten with him. He went to a birthday party and cried quite a bit even with Maycie staying. He also has never wanted to go to the kid's friends house with them until one day we talked him into it. Now he bawls every single time they go and he can't. Silly boy! ~~He's going to sleep pretty good in his bed if his older brother will face the wall and ignore him! And he actually has waken up in his own bed about 3 times in the last month!! It has been my bed since 18 months when he learned how to climb out of his crib. ~~Also today he got a cup from the cupboard and said "Mom pease don't get me that siky cup anymore, k?" It's like he wants to be big but just can't help spilling it all over when he fills it too high!! Ha Ha ! Here are LOTS of pictures because he's just so handsome. Luckily I had an 8-year-old photographer helping me.