Monday, May 26, 2014


After having the most girly girl day that Maycie and I could have, we came home to a snake in the entry way. Maycie wanted to pick it up so bad. Even though I used to be a snake master and would pick up any snake, anywhere even if I was told it might bite, I couldn't do it. So we called Grandpa Brian to come over and pick it up for us. He picked up George and right away Maycie got him and was in heaven. She loved that little guy. We put him in a bucket and she was SO excited to show the boys the next morning! They were nervous but she kept telling them that he is a very nice snake. She always knew just how he felt. Scared, mad, excited, and he even loved her the most. We kept George for 48 hours then let him go. It was a sad time but Maycie was happy he could go find his family. She may or may not have kissed him good-bye.

Father's & Son's = Mommy & Daughter date!

Branson (I'm sure AJ too) looks forward to this trip every year. Jerik got to go again this year and loved that he could go camping. They left at 7:45 am to head up. They were able to play and be boys and dirty all day! This might be my favorite weekend too! Maycie and I left the house when the boys did to run errands, get our hair done, go to lunch, get pedicures, lots of shopping, out for ice cream, more shopping, and home. The crazy thing was, we were gone for 12 hours and it hardly felt like that for either of us. It was SUCH a good could of days for all of us! :-)

Schmutz randoms!

This is Branson and I on our date for May. We went to get baseball stuff and for an ice cream cone. He talked the entire time which was surprising. He also made a little face in his ice cream. Silly boy! 

Here is Maycie and Grandpa in the garden. She always asks to go pick stuff when we go over! Next picture is over the baby bird that her and Camden found. I saw them chasing something in the field across the street. They said it was a baby bird and I thought there was no way. But sure enough it was! The babies that were just hatched a few weeks ago. Even birds grow up too fast.

*Random Maycie story... In primary on Sunday Maycie raised her hand for the warm fuzzy service act. She said, "I had to go to a birthday party to help my baby brother because he is scared of birthday parties." It was so cute! How could anyone be scared of birthday parties??

The other day I opened the fridge and found spider-man and Jerik's water. I laughed and had to get a picture! He's so stinking cute. He's also really shy. Heavenly Father definitely sends each child with their own personality. He has never wanted to be away from us. Even as a baby he was just happier in my arms and everyone knew it! Since he learned to climb out of his crib, he has crawled in our bed during the night. And I mean every night, 365 days a year! I really don't mind because he's mostly up against Daddy, and he won't do this forever. :-) I've been trying to get him to go to story time at the Library but he won't really participate. I brought Maycie one day and he acted like a pro. He is since coming out of his shell. Maybe there is hope! He has learned all the cute songs and sings them all day.

Last day of school (2nd grade and Kindergarten)

So sad to say that Maycie graduated Kindergarten. It truly makes me sad. In fact, I cried during a song and she noticed. I was trying to hide it but she can read me. I just don't want this little princess to grow up. She's super excited for new adventures though. Her teacher said she is above average in her class and passed with flying colors. Way to go Maycie! 

Branson and Ashtyn walking home from school on their last day of 2nd grade. Branson actually feels my sadness and said he cried a little on the bus. He really loved Mrs. Mace and I don't blame him. She was awesome!! I'm sure 3rd grade will be great too but changes are a little hard for us. And of course Branson passed way above grade average and is a scholar at his school work. I think he got 100% and all bonus words, all but a few times. Crazy smart boy! 

Baseball Spring 2014

Branson was a star this year for baseball and loved every minute of it! He ran a few home runs and was super aggressive. He was really into trying to catch it and was a lot better at getting outs. Way to go Branson! 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter this year was once again amazing! The kids were spoiled with Easter Egg Hunts! The weekend before we went to the coral canyon community one. Saturday night Grandma April invited us over for one. Then of course the Easter bunny that morning. Then Enterprise that afternoon. The Easter bunny brought the kids some church clothes. Mom and Dad gave them each a new swimsuit! Plus with all the Easter egg hunts, I think they ended up with about $6-$7 EACH! 

School talent show 2014

Branson and Maycie both participated in the school talent show this year. I was pretty much forcing Branson to do it and play the piano. I want all his practicing and hard work to be performed somewhere! However he's a little stubborn and didn't want to do it. Finally he agreed if he could play 10 Little Indians. I said OK! :-) Maycie wanted to sing "Do you want to build a snowman" from the movie Frozen. Then a girl's Mom from school asked if two other girls could do it with her. Maycie said yes so we went with it. The girls had a lot of fun! Top picture left to right..... Baylee, Maycie, Kali. 

Branson soccer spring 2014

Branson love loves loves soccer! What else can I say? Jared Wilcox coached this year and Branson had the time of his life. Team picture on bottom left to right.... EJ Wilcox, Branson Schmutz, Casey Hall, Colton Hall, Ashton Crane, Jacob Hancock. The last game of the season was the best game ever to watch! The teams were both really good. The ball was back and forth, almost in the goal, but just never did. The kids were all very determined and playing so hard. They never gave up. There were 2 minutes left of the game and the score was 0 to 0. Branson scored! Everyone was cheering!!! It was so cute to see his face light up. Yay Branson!