Monday, March 31, 2014

I'm a big kid now!

Jerik is AWESOME! He has been going pee on the toilet for a long time whenever he would get in the bath. But I didn't ever push going on the potty because I wasn't up for the challenge. When we got back from our spring break trip, I thought it would be a good time to try. He was really excited to have big boy underwear. I told him he'd get a sticker every time he went on the toiler. He had a few accidents the first and second day but got LOTS of stickers. The third and fourth day he had ZERO accidents! I couldn't believe it. He was by far the easiest one to potty train. He has had a few accidents in the past couple of weeks but it's usually when he's been outside playing with friends. Branson and Maycie haven't ever wet the bed which seems crazy!! So I figured I'd try to put him to bed dry too. He's only wet the bed once and it was because he was super thirsty and drank tons of water before bed. Yaaayyyy Jerik for being so awesome!!! I sort of feel like a need a standing ovation for potty training 3 kids even though people do it all the time. :)

Spring break 2014 - Las Vegas

We have made it a tradition to go to Las Vegas every year for spring break. It's the BEST! We all get away from the same thing we do every day and relax. We ended up staying 3 nights this time because 2 of them were free. Yay!! We left Sunday after church and head down. That night we swam in the pool and ordered pizza, then watched a movie. Monday we got up and headed to our favorite stores. (Silverton casino for the fish tank, Outlet mall, town square mall for the park, whole foods for crackers, Burlington coat factory, etc.) We also went to the Ethel M chocolate Factory. Then to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch/dinner and headed back to the hotel to swim. Tuesday we went to Hobby Lobby, Costco- haha!, bird viewing exhibit, Acadia Park, Cheesecake Factory then back to the hotel to swim. Wednesday we stopped at Target, then watched the airplanes and headed home. It was completely amazing other than the fact that I had the flu the first half. Oh well we still made the best of it. Maycie side note.... Maycie had hear ears pierced when she was 3. They ended up getting super infected and the words "possible blood infection" still makes me cringe. While we were at the Mall she saw Claire's and said she wanted her ears pierced. I tried to talk her out of it because I was afraid it would happen again. I told her it would hurt. I told her I'd have to clean them 3 times a day for a year. I tried everything but she really wanted them done. So we said ok. I think it was because she got to hold that cute bear and got a sucker. First earring and she was whimpering. Second earring got caught a little on the gun and she was super sad. She looked in the mirror and could hardly smile. She said, "I wish I never wanted to get them done!" Dang! It's been a couple of weeks and so far so good. I guess since I didn't feel good I didn't take any pictures so this is all we have. I had to get the traditional AJ/Branson Cheesecake Factory picture. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Maycie's first soccer team.

Maycie girl has wanted to do soccer for a long time. I think it's because it has been such a big part of Branson's life. I told her when she was in Kindergarten and the time finally came. She looks so cute skipping around the field with her friends. :) 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Jerik man

Jerik is now 2 yrs 8 mo and is as cute as ever. He's also really busy but it gives us something to do. Some of his latest tricks were pouring baking soda all over the tile, spraying water from the sink all over the kitchen, pouring syrup on the carpet, putting 3 different holes in the wall, he sneaks out in my car and locks the door and honks over and over. Good times! He's so handsome though. 

 This picture Jerik took of himself. He was playing with my phone and decided to take a selfie. 

 Here is Jerik with his baby Drew. He loves loves this little guy. 

Dad's shoes and no pants! 

Had to take a nap in da-da's bed today!

Jerik's best friend the chicken. Makes him so happy! 
Jerik's cute hat at Old Navy. He loves hats!

 Jerik is a dang leach during the night. It's mostly AJ that he has to be against but sometimes Mom.

Scout Branson

This is Branson's first pack meeting for scouts. He was awarded the Bobcat. He's doing so good in passing things off. He memorized the cub scout promise in a day and is awesome! He loves loves scouts and is so proud of wearing his shirt. We ran to Costco after a den meeting one time and he was thrilled to walk around with that on. 

Branson's 2nd grade program

 Here are some cute pictures of Branson's 2nd grade program. They sang about 7 songs. It was really cute and he was super excited! We were all so happy he could be spoiled this time by having Mom, Dad, Maycie, Jerik, Grandma April, and Charlene come to watch. Too cute!

Branson's 2 teeth

One day I was having a turn brushing Branson's teeth and noticed one of his permanent teeth were coming in behind all the other. I text a picture to my dentist to see what I do. So, a few days later we ended up at the orthodontist. He said for sure we need to pull both canines to make room for that tooth to come forward and give those 4 bottom teeth some room. I hated the idea of ripping out 2 perfectly healthy teeth but knew it had to be done. So... a few days later, we were at the dentist's office. Branson was really nervous but I think I was even more. I didn't sleep good the night before because I was so worried about him. Luckily we love everyone at our dental office so it's more like a party. The night before we were at Grandma and Grandpa's house and we heard Grandpa Brian telling Grandma April that he had a dentist appointment the next morning at 8:00. Our was at 8:30 and I couldn't believe that coincidence. Anyway, Branson wanted our cute Tiffany to give him the "tooth sleepy medicine." I made sure no one called it a shot because I knew he'd freak. Afterwards I told him and he was so proud of himself that he got 4 shots. Dr. Prince was working on the first one but it kept slipping. Branson said it was the worst one out of the two. Once they were both out, and we wiped off a few tears, it was finally over. We all couldn't believe how long the tooth with root ended up being. And yes they were "beautiful". I took Branson to Wal-Mart to get a Butter-finger and then to school. He left a note for the tooth-fairy asking if he could keep the teeth because they were so cool. She left them and $4. He was so excited and said, "I guess big teeth are $2 each!" It was good to have Mom holding his hands and Grandpa's hand on his leg. In another few months he will get spacers put in so the back teeth won't come forward. Within 24 hours the back tooth had already moved forward a ton. Good job on being the bravest boy ever Branson! 

The best big sister ever!

So I never forget.... I have to document how sweet of a sister Maycie is to her little brother. Any time I ask her if she could please take Jerik to play, so I can get something done without him getting in trouble, she HAPPILY does. I love love listening to her talk to him like the sweetest girl ever. She knows just what to do with him to keep him happy and he loves the attention.