Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Branson's Baptism

Branson's 8th birthday was on Friday, January 3. We decided in our family, there won't be a friend party when they turn 8 because we will have a baptism party. Luckily his baptism was the day after on Saturday, January 4. Friday I went into his classroom with Maycie and Jerik and read Hegedy Peg, brought Baby Ruth candy bars for everyone, and a polished rock from Grandpa Brian for each of the kids. That night we picked up Dad from work and headed to Subway for dinner. Branson's choice! Then we surprised them and went to Menchie's for some ice cream. Saturday we got ready for the after baptism party at our house. The baptism was perfect. It was at 5:00 and he was 2nd to go. I also had to speak on the Holy Ghost. I was beyond nervous but grateful for the opportunity all at the same time. Afterwards everyone came over to our house for some food. We had rolls, chips & salsa, veggies with ranch and hummus, cheese ball & crackers, spice cake cookies, peanut butter cookies, and pumpkin cake. It was so fun to see this day finally come. He was on top of the world and I loved it! We were all looking forward to his big day. Even though it is weird weird that we are old enough to have an 8-year-old. Everyone spoiled him with the most perfect gifts ever!! Mom and Dad - scriptures and a tie; Grandpa Larry and Grandma Sue - scout shirt and book; Grandpa Brian and Grandma April - Scripture case and Holy Ghost book; Great Grandma and Grandpa - CTR ring; Charlene - journal; Duane and Jill Singleton - tie tack; Ross and Linda $5; O'Connor's - crayon pen and tie tack; Sappington's - lei's, scripture stickers, and a bookmark. He was seriously thrilled with every single present and I think ALL of them were his favorite one. We are so thankful to have the best friends and family around! We are also so proud of Branson and the person he is! We love you!! PS I really really wish I would have taken more pictures. Charlene took some so I'll get copies of those. :-)

Miss Maycie

Tonight when I was putting Maycie to bed, she said " If I had three wishes, I know what they would be. #1 That there was never bedtime. #2 that Dad will never get fired from his job. #3 That you would buy macaroni and cheese every day." It was SO cute to listen to her say that in her Maycie voice and then giggle. 30 minutes later she came in my room and said "I have more wishes.... next would be that there was macaroni and cheese every where. #5 would be a store with free candy. Next would be that no one ever got hurt so grandpa Brian didn't have to waste all his band-aids." Too cute!! She must have been hungry. Just a side note on where the Grandpa's band-aids comment....  Grandpa Brian spoils Maycie rotten. He babies her and she loves every minute of it. Whenever she has the tiniest scratch, he takes her to his bandages and doctors it all up. It goes from a scab to a cast for some reason.