Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Fun!

Our magical Christmas week started with getting together with cousins, Sunday night we had soup, salad, and dessert with a gift exchange. 

 Christmas Eve we went to Grandma April and Grandpa Brian's house to have mexican food. Uncle Kenny was down and we decided at the last minute to act out the Nativity. Our costumes are pathetic but the kids enjoyed every minute and it was cheap entertainment for the adults! Cast includes.... 3 wise men (Kenny, Dad, Grandma) - King Herrod (Grandpa) - Joseph (Branson) - Mary (Maycie) - Shepherd (Jerik) - Angel (Mom).

 Christmas morning was awesome! Kids were freaking out about all the presents because three were in very big boxes.

So we can remember.... Branson got Fishing pole, razor 360 bike, hover ball, umbrella, guess who and stocking (Santa), sweatshirt, pants, shirt (Mom and Dad) remote control car, gum, states game (G Brian and G April), Soccer ball and magician kit (G Larry and G Sue), Pokemon cards (Great GandG), bow and Arrow (Uncle Kevin), and kid's puzzle from O'connors.

Maycie got My life 18" doll, accessories, bike, umbrella, guess who and stocking (Santa), dress, pants, shirt (Mom and Dad), Spirit horse, gum, states game (G Brian and G April), razor scooter and baby doll (G Larry and G Sue), Pokemon cards (Great GandG), Elsa doll (Uncle Kevin), and kid's puzzle from O'connors.

Jerik got tractor bike, train, remote control car, umbrella, guess who and stocking(Santa), coat, pants, shirt (Mom and Dad), walking horse, gum, states game (G Brian and G April), Legos and kickball (G Larry and G Sue), bath toy train (Great GandG), tractor (Uncle Kevin), and kid's puzzle from O'connors.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

December fun!

We've been trying to do something fun each night of December. We're lucky if I remember to take pictures. Here is Christmas in the Canyon at Tuachan. 

 Making "snowdough" 

 Breakfast with Santa at the Coral Canyon Clubhouse

 Visiting the Temple nativity and visitor center

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Notes to heaven....

Towards the end of November the kids mentioned wishing they could do something for "Dad's Mom". They asked about sending her balloons. I thought it was a great idea and added it to our December calendar! I picked up a balloon and the kids made their cards. I had nothing to do with them and they did them completely on their own. When Branson showed me his, it totally brought tears to my eyes. He, along with Maycie and Jerik are SO special. We decided to make it an annual tradition but start doing it on her birthday that's December 29.

sand dunes

Friday we headed to Snow Canyon to hike and play in the sand dunes. It was incredibly fun but I didn't get many pictures. Poor Warren was sporting a fever so didn't have quite as much fun. I'm pretty sure I cleaned sand out of my washer and kids' ears for 4 days straight! So worth it!

Friday, November 28, 2014


Wednesday morning before we started the fun we stopped to get a few pictures. We were mostly taking ones for Warren and Danielle but I snapped a couple of my kids as we were leaving and called it good. It was freezing!! :-)

Age 8 - 3rd grade

Age 6 - 1st grade

Age 3 - first year preschool

Thanksgiving fun!

Cousin Danielle and Warren came down for the weekend. We went to Jumpin Jacks on Wednesday almost all day. We were a little bored and took a bunch of funny pictures with our camera and the different setting. Thursday we did puzzles, had a feast, walked to the park, and put up Christmas decorations. Side note that we all never want to forget but kind of do...... about AJ's 10th bite of Thanksgiving feast he got up and left the table. He went in the bathroom and I could tell something was wrong. I went in there and he was throwing up but with nothing coming up. He had a piece of turkey stuck somewhere between his mouth and stomach. It would NOT go down and it would NOT come up! If he drank water, he would throw that up but the rest of the food in his stomach would stay. He finally agreed that I could call our neighbor Chris to assist in a blessing with Grandpa Brian. He had been fighting this problem for about 40 minutes when the blessing started. Chris gave a beautiful blessing and said perfectly what he and I both needed to hear beyond just the throat problem. He left and AJ was humiliated beyond belief. Within 4 minutes he felt this powerful air pocket moving in his throat and it move down. All we could say was Miracles! The kids all started cheering and hugging him. It was seriously a sweet testimony strengthener for all of us.

Maycie girl

Warren and Branson

AJ folding Jerik's underwear


Mom and Dad bored taking selfies

Jerik and Maycie playing uno

Jerik's stocking socks!

The gang minus Charlene and Grandpa Brian

Ninja Turtle Jerik

My little bear has turned into a Ninja Turtle. Everything becomes and sword and he loves that show!! At the Children's museum everything turned into a sword. And playing outside, he has to find a sword to put down his shirt. It usually ends up with a big scratch on his back or stomach but he keeps doing it. The other morning he woke me up at 5:30 and said, "Mom, do you want to be Raf or Rafael?" I told him I wanted to sleep and he said "Ok after you sleep, do you want to be Raf or Rafael?" Silly boy!!

Preschool sorting at Jerik's house.....

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pinewood Derby

November 2014 - Branson had his first ever pinewood derby. He had fun constructing his car with Dad and racing it. I was clueless about the whole thing and had never heard of such a thing.  Overall he was 9th out of 15.