Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Maycie's dance recital

Our little princess had her first dance recital on Saturday, September 21. About a week before we were talking about it, and Maycie was sure she'd never dance in front of everyone. But when we got the costume, and she knew Grandma April and Charlene would be there, she agreed. As soon as she saw her little dance friends she was off. There was music and a BBQ before the actual performance. There were about 5 little girls (including Maycie) up there shaking it before it even began! She did awesome and we all had fun watching her shine!

Our little "up north" trip

AJ had a week of vacation he has to use before October. We decided he should take it the last week of September, then thought we might as well go up North to see family. It had been almost a year and a half. Little did we know there was a mistake and he really didn't have all that vacation. Ahhh! We went anyway and decided to deal with it. We left Monday around 11:00 and headed straight for Grandma Sue and Grandpa Larry's house. We stayed there for the whole week. They spoiled us with yummy dinners and we had SO much fun! We went to breakfast with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Tuesday morning; walked down the street to play tag at the park; saw Mark, Julie, and cousin David; went to Farmington Station for ice cream and to watch the fountains; had our cute friends the Jones' come over for a visit and a ton of laughing; went to Boondocks for an entire day (well worth the $90); had the Halversen family over for dinner one night; decorated the cutest pumpkins for their porch; AND I even held their sick ol' dog! Maycie loved, loved, and loved that dog. She wanted to hold it every waking minute. She was in heaven and really does need an animal. :) Branson cried on the way home and when he was going to bed because he wanted to go back. Jerik was actually really good the whole time and kept us smiling all day.

Good times and a perfect week!