Thursday, August 29, 2013

Jerik's ER visit

On Tuesday August 27, at about 4:15, I went into the kitchen to get Jerik off the counter. This is something that I do almost every hour all day long. I noticed when I was getting him down, he had a handful of plastic tile spacers in his hand. Apparently he dug them out of the garbage. While I was getting him down he mumbled that he wanted toast. I saw that he had something bluish in his mouth while saying, "You want toast?" He shook his head yes and then started to swallow what he had in his mouth. I quickly started saying, "no no no" while I was going to grab it out of his mouth. Before I could he swallowed hard 2 times and said, "all gone." I was dying. I grabbed them out of his hand, took a picture of one next to a ruler and send it to Dr. Cain telling him he swallowed one of those. He quickly replied and said, "It's too big. Can he breath?" I told him yes he could and I'm sure it went all the way down, I don't think it make it through his intestines, and what do I do? Then he called me. He told me that anything the size of a quarter and bigger is a general rule of thumb that it won't go down in kids and needs to come out with a scope through his throat. He said I better take him in. I called AJ and headed to the ER. The (not so lovely) people got us registered and had us go to the waiting room for about 5 minutes. They got us back and had an x-ray. We were all pretty sure it wouldn't even show up in an x-ray but they wanted to try. The ER Dr. wasn't sure what to say so he called the Pediatric Gastroenterologist Dr. Kaddu. He looked at it and said he thinks we need put Jerik under and go in with a scope. I started bawling. He said he needed to make a phone call real quick. Just then Grandpa Brian walked in with oil so he and AJ could give him a blessing. It was now 6:45. Dr. Kaddu came back in and said he isn't sure what's going on but there are 5 surgeries going on right now and it would be at least 1 hour before they could get Jerik back. So there we were, in the ER staring at a plastic X and a quarter trying to decide what to do. We all kind of agreed that by the time he got in there, the piece would be out of his stomach and into his intestines. The ER Dr. and Grandpa's security friends all gave me their cell phone numbers. They said to call them if he starts to vomit or act like he's in a lot of pain and they'd meet us out front to get him right in. If that was the case, he'd have to but cut open and it removed that way. Crazy thing but AJ was supposed to work until 11:00 that night. In the room right next to ours, was AJ's warehouse manager with his daughter. He told AJ he didn't need to go back and he'd take care of it. AJ took Jerik home while I went to pick Branson and Maycie up from Grandma April. They told us to have him eat high fiber food to make sure everything was moving as quick as it could. So AJ got him a bowl of quinoa. As I was pulling in the driveway, the ER Dr. called me. He said that he just hung up with Dr. Kaddu and he thinks we really need to go in with a scope and try to get it out. They were thinking that with its size, it would still be stuck in his stomach. I told him I'd talk to AJ and call him right back. We sat there going back and forth and finally decided we better do it. I headed back to the ER while AJ waited for Grandma April to get there. The kids were super excited to have Grandma April sleepover. I was almost there when he called me again to see where I was. He met me out front and walked me around to other side and right back into surgery. The anesthesiologist came right in and started asking me questions. Like.... "When is the last time he's eaten?" I said about 1 1/2 hours ago. He looked bummed and said, "Oh well that creates a little problem. When I put the gas on them, and then do the IV, there is a chance they can aspirate before I intubate them. And if that happened, he'd have pneumonia." Seriously!!! If we hadn't already been through enough and now to worry about this! I sat there thinking and asking questions, while they drew me pictures for 30 minutes. Finally AJ was there so I could have his input. We decided to go through with it. We sent our perfect sweet baby off for surgery. An AWFUL feeling. We went in the waiting room to pray and for me to cry some more. I called back to the nurses station after 20 minutes to see if they were able to intubate him ok. She said everything was perfect. About 20 minutes later I called again, she said he was still sifting through the food trying to find it. It didn't sound hopeful. About 45 minutes later he came out and said, "I'm so sorry." NOT what I wanted to hear. He continued on saying how frustrating it was not being able to find it. He said the quinoa was so sticky and in a ball he had to rinse a gallon of water through and suck out almost all of it. He asked what else he had eaten because there was a larger purple thing, maybe a grape? We said for sure he didn't have anything else but maybe it was a black bean left over from lunch time? A few minutes later we could go back to recovery to be with the boy. He was laying there moaning. He was sad, tired, confused, felt drowsy, etc. I picked him up and he was as happy as could be. He just laid with me for the next 30 minutes. We got checked out and in bed by about 12:30am. Our next mission, to dissect his poopy diapers. 8:30am.... nothing, 11:00am..... nothing, 2:30pm...... nothing, at 4:00pm, we found something. It was a button!!! So confusing! I couldn't figure out what, how, why, when, where, etc! Then I started thinking that maybe that is what he swallowed and it just looked like the tile spacers that were in his hands. We have nickle sized buttons glued to magnets on the fridge. I can't image how he got one off but it's the only logical explanation. I first felt relief! Then I started thinking that maybe he swallowed both and we still needed to wait for the worst to come. Then I started feeling like the worst Mom in the universe. How did I let my son swallow something right in front of me and I couldn't stop it? AND I couldn't even tell what it was. Am I color blind? How could I let the Dr.'s put him through all of that? Why didn't Dr. Kaddu try to grab the purple thing he saw and try to pull that out? So many thoughts running through my head that all I could do is cry some more. I'm pretty good at that! We're crossing our fingers that we are still safe with no more scares. This whole experience has freaked me out to say the least! It makes me think a lot about how it's so important to try and make the most out of every day. I hope one day I won't hate myself for this mistake.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Maycie's first day of Kindergarten 2013

This day is truly bitter-sweet. Bitter because my sweet little na na will be leaving me; and sweet because she's so happy to go to school. Her teacher is Mrs. Brunstad. We went on August 15 for a meet your teacher, August 19 for testing, and the first day was August 21. Here are pictures of the excited princess....

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Maycie girl's 5th birthday

Maycie girl turned 5. She's been dying to be 5 like her friends and it's finally here. She woke up sad and said, "I think I have a disease in my legs because they hurt." I told her it must be growing pains because she's 5 now. It made her super happy and the pain went away. This girl got spoiled with parties. Saturday we went swimming at Grandma's pool with the Sappington's. Grandma April made some yummy peach pie for a treat. Sunday night we went to Grandma April and Grandpa Brian's house for dinner. She chose chocolate popsicles for the treat and got to open her present from them. They gave her a carseat and diaper bag for her baby. Monday was her actual birthday and her friend party. She wanted a purple party. So we tried to have purple everything. Her and I even painted our fingers and toes purple. :) We had the party at the Sienna Hills Park. The kids played in the water, we did a couple water balloon games, hopscotch, had pizza, and cupcakes. She was spoiled by her friends and they all had a lot of fun. Great Grandpa Halversen send a birthday card with $10 and Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Ashcroft send a birthday card with $15 in it. She says she's finally rich like Branson!! Seriously so cute. Grandma Sue and Grandpa Larry send down a Cinderella dress up. Branson gave her cotton candy bubble bath. Jerik gave her perfume, Mom and Dad gave her clothes and a "hopper" ball, and there are pictures of the rest. Here are a TON of pictures from the 3 days all out of order..... 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Branson's first day of 2nd grade!

This school year snuck up on us fast. Branson was a little nervous but more excited. He is in Mrs. Mace's class this year. Here is him on his first day. I had to get the traditional picture of him and Ashtyn walking to the bus stop. The picture of the three waiting are.... Branson, Ashtyn O'Connor, and Sam Anderson. Like the selfie? 

Lemonade Stand!

The kids decided Saturday they wanted to do a lemonade stand. I wasn't sure when we'd have time to do that before school started Wednesday. I really wanted to have them do it so we figured out we'd have a free hour on Monday and planned it. Sunday afternoon they made chocolate chip cookies, snicker doodles, and lemonade. Monday after our errands we packed up the stroller and headed to the corner. The first 20 minutes were rough. The kids were SO cute and yelling "Lemonade $.25 come get your cookies and water bottles." They were getting pretty discouraged that they'd NEVER sell a cup of lemonade. All at once we had 5 customers lined up. Grandpa Brian stopped by next, then our cute neighbor Ross, The O'Connor's, and another nice lady up the street. It had been about an hour at that point so we called it a day. They each made $5 and were THRILLED. If it wasn't so hot I could have sat there all day. It was one of the cutest things ever watching them. We're hoping to do it again in another month when it cools down.