Friday, June 28, 2013

Jerik's 2nd Birthday!

Our "baby" turns 2!! Yes we still call him baby and always will. :) We had a little birthday party for him the night of his birthday. Grandma April and Grandpa Brian came and got him a really cute car to ride in. It is everyone's favorite toy to fight over currently. Great Grandma and Grandpa Ashcroft sent down a pillow quilt that she made. He was so excited when he saw it and started jumping and rolling all around on it. Brayden and Kayla gave him some interchangeable dump trucks. I've never seen anything like them and are fun for all the kids to play with. Charlene came over and brought him a little dog. He is obsessed with doggies so it was perfect. Great Grandpa Halversen sent down a birthday card with $5 in it. I didn't think that a 2-year-old could be so excited to get his own mail. AJ and I got him a remote control firetruck. Branson and Maycie each got him an outfit. We had brownies with an Oreo cream cheese frosting. Yummy but really rich. :) Jerik weighs 32lbs (89%) and is 36.5" (93) he's getting so skinny! Dr. Cain says is is perfect. We were 8 days too early for his shots so we have to go back for that. Yay! :) We all love this boy so much and he brings us so much joy. He loves his brother and sister and copies everything they do. He jumps off the wall onto the trampoline all of the time. He can keep up with anyone and even out-run me! We just love his cheeser smile and all his silliness. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer fun round 2

Grandma April, Grandpa Brian, the kids, and I headed to Leeds one evening to pick cherries. The kids had lots of fun climbing on the ladders and picking buckets of cherries. ~ Next pictures are of the Main Street Park in town. It is super cute and fun, however, we haven't been for a while. Jerik used to be a lot crazier and would run away form me. He's been so sweet to either sit with me or play with the kids. Yay! This was spur of the moment to stop there after Pasta Factory one night. We had swimsuits in the car and had the kids change and run for an hour. ~ Next pictures are of the horses that live by Grandma April and Grandpa Brian's house. Most Sunday we go over there for dinner. Most of the time Maycie will ask to go feed the horses a carrot. And there you have a few pictures of just a few of the fun things we've been doing this summer. :) 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Family Camping Trip

For some reason we decided to plan a family camping trip June 10-12, 2013. He he just kidding! I know why we planned it, to create memories. Just not sure we'll ever do it again because it is so much work. :) We left Monday morning and we all super excited. We went to Yankee Meadows which was perfectly amazing. We got there and the 29 site campground was empty. We picked the best campsite and set up. We rode the 4-wheeler and played all day. Grandma April and Grandpa Brian came up Tuesday about 1:30 to hang out for the day. They also made/brought an amazing dinner. Grandpa made dutch oven potatoes and Grandma brought salad and baked beans. We went on a hike, did more 4-wheeler rides, played 500, baseball, kickball, a throwing stick game, 5 questions, tag, bike rides, etc, etc. It was super fun to be together without any distractions. Tuesday evening a deer showed up right on the other wide of the fence. It hung out there off and on the whole night. It was fun to watch him as he watched us! The kids all slept really good during the night. They managed to be filthy the entire time no matter what I did to help the cause. But I guess that's what camping is all about. The very best part of the trip was when we got home. Ya know how after camping the only thing you want to do is unload and shower? Well we quickly figured out that our road had just been re-sealed and was closed for the day. We parked out on the main road and hauled all our gear!! The kids helped with the wagon and stroller. Super fun!! :)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hey baby let's go to Vegas!!

(Sorry about all the boring details but I don't want any of us to ever forget) About a month ago AJ told me that he needed to go to Vegas for some training around the end of May. I invited myself and the kids along and am SO happy he let us tag along. We paid to stay an extra day so we had some time to have fun with Dad too!! We left at 6:30am so he could make it to his meeting in time. After we dropped him off, the kids and I went to: Whole Foods to stock up on crackers and fruit strips, then The Silverado Casino to look at the cool fish in their huge aquarium, stopped at Mom's favorite store, then headed to The Town Square Mall for the kids to play. Luckily Jerik fell asleep when we were walking there so it was nice and relaxing! When he woke up we ate at California Pizza Kitchen for lunch and all hated our food. :) Especially Jerik that almost got us kicked out of the restaurant. Then we parked and watched the airplanes take off and land. Next we were all super excited to check into our hotel so we could sit down and watch a cartoon for a minute. We picked up Dad at 4:00 and headed to the traditional Cheesecake Factory for dinner. We knew of a cute park that was close so we went to find it. It was super fun..... for everyone except the poor dog my kids packed around. The next morning we dropped AJ off at his meeting and went swimming for 6 hours. I re-applied sunscreen a few times but Jerik still got sunburned. :( We met a family from Idaho with teenage boys that were visiting for a wedding. The kids had fun playing catch with them! When we got back to our room, Jerik practically put himself down for a nap. He went right over to his little pack'n'play and tried to climb in saying "mama" over his shoulder. I had him rinse off in the shower and get dressed, then he was asleep within 30 seconds! After we got ready I read a book for an hour while the kids watched cartoons. Ahhh Bliss!! We picked up AJ around 3:30, then went to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch. We are all obsessed with that place now! It was one of my most favorite trips I've ever been on. I truly was able to relax and enjoy every minute with these sweet kids. Even Jerik's tantrums. As you can see in most pictures, he was having the time of his life. It just didn't bother me though! I was busy having too much fun. Thanks AJ for letting us tag along!! And thank you kids for being the sweetest angels ever!! 

Summer fun round 1

I am going to try really hard to document a lot the fun things we do during the summer. We have a chart that has the kid's daily chores on it. At the bottom of it, it has a spot for 1 fun thing that we're going to do each day. Could be little, could be big! One day we went to the St. George City Pool. Grandma April AND Dad had the day off and were able to come party with us! It was super fun. The kids had never been around a diving board but you wouldn't know it. They jumped off it again and again. Even Jerik was determined to get on that thing when no one was watching. We all went down the hydrotube in FREEZING cold water. It has been remodeled since we'd all been there and was dark. Kind of scary but still fun! The last picture is of us at Pirate Cove Pizza. We went to lunch there for our fun thing of the day. It was yummy and super exciting for the kids. They each got 3 tokens with their meal to use in the arcade. When we went up to the counter for them to redeem their 18 or so tickets, we found out that someone had just left over 300 tickets for the next person. Yay!! The kids got pirate necklaces and bracelets, punching balloons, and a tootsie roll. 

Spelling Bee!!

The end of year spelling bee was coming up and Branson was really excited. His teacher emailed me and said I should save the date for the grade level spelling bee, because she was pretty sure he'd be in it. He practiced and practiced his words and was ready. He did win the classroom spelling bee and moved on to the grade level one. The words were even harder! He was super nervous and excited. He made it about half way through the group of kids before he missed a letter in a word. I'm sure he'll never forget there are two r's in the word carry. The poor kid was so sad he got it wrong he could hardly hold back the tears until he came back to sit with me. I tried to explain to him that being #7 out of 118 kids is something to be proud of and not sad. I hope it helped and he knows that he is a smart boy!! Luckily he got an awesome ribbon at the end that really helped change the mood. Good job Branson!


I signed Branson up for baseball without him knowing. Big mistake.... or so I thought. As soon as I told him he started saying, "NO I'm not playing baseball. I'm not going to go." He was so afraid of the unknown. All he knew was batting. We tried to play a game with Grandma Sue and Grandpa Larry but it made him even more scared. I found out a couple of his friends were on the team so he decided to give it a try. He ended up totally loving it and crying when a game got cancelled due to a thunderstorm. These boys are so cute!!! They started this thing where they would "slide" into home plate every time. It most of the time looked like a belly flop. :) One of the cutest things is at the first time.... Branson was running to 2nd base, a girl got the ball in her glove and tagged him out. He just looked at her, went around her, and got on 2nd base. His coach had to run over and tell him that meant he was out. SOOO sweet!!