Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Break 2013

We are trying to make it a tradition to go to Las Vegas for spring break each year. It's worked for the last 2 years. Knowing that we were doing this.... we made up a scripture reading chart. We had gotten out of the habit of reading and needed some motivation. So after 100 days of reading, we could plan our trip. It just worked out to be spring break! Our good friends The Horrocks' decided to come with us. We stayed at The Tahiti Village. The room was perfect. It was two rooms combined. There was a big living room kitchen area in the middle, then the bedrooms on opposite ends. We drove down Monday morning and we to our favorite mall to do some shopping. Then went to The Town Square mall to play at the little park and eat lunch. Swimming was next. The pools (yes there were 2) were super nice and warm! We ordered pizza for dinner and went to bed. Next morning we went to the Shark Reef. Everyone loved it. It's so fun that you get to touch the sting-ray! The kids had done a bunch of chores or earn quarters for the arcade which was our next stop! A tiny bit more shopping, then lunch. Our plan was to go to Tahiti Joe's. We were so excited but it was horrible! I had a headache and my throat was hurting after being there for 1 minute, from the smoke/vanilla air freshener smell. It was so hot! No one helped us for 5 minutes so we walked around trying to "seat ourselves" with no clean tables to sit at. The waitress was awfully ornery. We asked if there were high chairs and she said she didn't know. I was done! I said i'm going to eat pretzels at the hotel for lunch you guys can stay here! Everyone wanted to leave so we did. After we at lunch we went swimming again. Ice-cream was our dinner, then bedtime. Super fun! The kids loved playing together and we all had a great time! It was a nice break from the normal but we're happy to leave the smoke. :) Lots of pictures and all out of order but I don't want to fix it.... so enjoy!