Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

The week before Christmas day we all took turns being sick. Jerik didn't feel good that morning and was really quiet but other than that, we had a perfect day! The kids went to bed easy and slept until 7:15 that morning. They opened their stocking stuff and waited until Grandma April and Grandpa Brian came over at 8:00. Half way through Branson opened a helmet from Santa. It was then that he realized there was no bike. He kept looking out the back window and asking why we thought Santa didn't give him a bike. The last present all three kids opened a picture of a bike. I said, "Oh wow that's a neat picture. Show me your picture of a bike and say cheese so I can get a picture." They were not amused! We figured the bikes must be around somewhere so we all started looking. We found them in the garage! Branson got a bike, helmet, headlamp, alarm clock, nerf shooters, roller skates, pogo stick, baseballs, and a balloon animal kit. Maycie got a bike, puppy, Elsa doll, make up, Belle musical bank, headlamp, soccer socks, coat, and a Dr. kit. Jerik got a bike, magformers, legos, ball, nemo, head lamp, dragon, tractor and play dough.  I had to take a picture of our Christmas cards because we all loved looking at them everyday. There is also a picture of my favorite Christmas card. It was from Rodger and Irene and had all three kids on the front of it. So cute! 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Yes... chickens!

This is so crazy to me but the people that live next door to Grandma April and Grandpa Brian's house have chickens! Real live gross chickens. 4 of them! Well these kids of ours, especially Maycie just LOVE them. They chase them around, catch them, trap them, throw them, etc. At first I was nervous about it. But now I think if the chickens didn't like it, they'd go home. They are always in my parents' yard so they are free game! This last Sunday was especially entertaining to us. Poor Branson was sick so he sat inside watching out the window with us. But they were trying to trap the chickens in the tomato vine things. Jerik would grab them from around the yard, hang onto them under one arm, then go chuck them into the cage. They would then, run right now of it. Seriously hilarious to watch. Maycie had all the tomato vines lined up so the chickens would have to run all the way through the tunnel in order to get out. Cheap entertainment! Jerik's silly hat, orphan outfit, and poker face made it even better. :-)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Party time!

I normally wouldn't post about my own birthday but I had some cute pictures that I have to. I was spoiled rotten by friends and family. It was extra special this year because my Mom was here visiting. I felt like it was my party and I could cry if I wanted to, all day long! I felt a little emotional already by 9:30 am because I already had birthday calls and gifts and felt so loved. THEN, my Grandpa Ashcroft called and sang Happy Birthday to me! Oh my!! Him and I are hands down the biggest bawl babies in the family. We were both crying and I hope to never ever forget the sound of his sweet crying voice singing that to me. My grandma got on the phone and said, "You're crying too? Oh brother! You definitely belong to Grandpa don't you?" When Branson got home from school we opened presents. My Mom's birthday card made me cry even more! I wanted to go somewhere different for dinner, so we went to Paula's. I haven't been there in probably 10 years!! We all pigged out WAY too much. After that we drove around to look at Christmas lights. Then to Menchie's for dessert.

All Maycie wants for Christmas is her two bottom teeth!

About a month ago, we had dentist appointments. Maycie's x-ray showed that her tooth was floating in gums, so we knew it was ready, and would come out soon. It was her 2nd tooth to come out and was hanging by a thread. She was trying to be brave and would ask that I pull it out, but then would get a little nervous. Grandma Sue suggested that we tie a string to it. I tied dental floss to it but she wouldn't pull it. I said that I would but she didn't want me to. So I started calling for Jerik. I said, "Jerik, come pull the string hanging from Maycie's tooth. Hurry!" We were all laughing so hard. He came running to see. He looked at the string and her tooth for about 10 seconds. Then so fast he reached up, grabbed the string, and popped it right now. When Maycie saw the blood, and started bawling. Afterwards she said, "That was so awesome I didn't even really cry." Ha Ha We had another good laugh! Luckily the tooth fairy found Maycie on the couch and left $1.02 all in change. She wanted to save some in her piggy bank so she put 6 cents in there. 

Snowy DayZ

It hardly ever ever snows in St. George! Saturday December 7, we went to the movie Frozen in Hurricane. When we came out, the earth was frozen! It had snowed quite a bit while we were in the theater and it kept snowing and snowing and snowing. It just so happened to be the day Grandma Sue was flying in for a week long visit. We always brag about our warm sunny weather but she brought snow down! Her flight was delayed about 1 hour. Then, they closed the airport down right after her flight came in until the next day! It snowed 6" that day and the kids loved every minute. We don't have any snow gear so it rubber banded walmart sacks to their hands and feet. Their friends Ashtyn and Camden came over to play with them. I was really surprised when it lasted almost an hour!! Brrrr! It snowed so much they cancelled church the next morning. 

Jerik the gymnast!

Jerik is an amazing gymnast! He does back flips off the couch, somersaults, head stands, and cartwheels (he puts one foot forward, hands behind his head, and goes). Most of the time I cringe because I'm sure he got hurt but he always come up smiling. This picture is of Maycie and Klaira teaching him to put his legs up straight, which he does perfectly now!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Very funny for boring people!

It was a really boring night with just the kids and I... whenI thought of this..... We laughed and laughed our heads off. 

The sweetest kid ever!

Most days after lunch we have quiet time. We go in separate rooms and do anything quiet for 30 minutes. It's the best! Well I went out in t he kitchen and saw Branson was drawing on the dry erase board..... with a permanent marker!! This is what he wrote. It was SO cute and sweet there was no way I could be bugged. :-) I ended up being able to get the marker off anyway. 

Miss princess

I have to document this sweet girl. EVERY night she gets all these stuffed animals set up around her and sleeps like this. It is so cute. It reminds me of when I was little because I totally remember laying all my friends out around me before I went to sleep. :-)

Oh the crazy baby man!

It was 4:30 in the afternoon and I was making dinner. Jerik was SO ornery and throwing a fit. He wanted Dad, gum, vitamins, anything! Finally he left the kitchen. He was quiet for a few minutes so I went to check on him. He was in the tub!! At least he's cute. 

3 cutest boys ever!

This was the boys before church on Sunday. Maycie and I stayed home because she had a cough. Aren't they cute??

Monday, November 18, 2013

Family Pictures 2013

We had our family pictures taken by Tiffany this year. She's the cutest thing ever!! She is our dental hygienist but almost the best photographer! She was amazing and did anything for a smile. She sang, danced, made silly faces, and even got out a clown nose. We have a bajillion to choose from but here are a few.