Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

Here are our pictures and a little run down of our Christmas this year... First I have to say how blessed I felt every time I looked at my pantry and saw it was covered with Christmas cards. Also we were spoiled with neighbor/friend gifts dropped off at our house almost every night (some night more than 1!) We did bake and deliver a ton of treats ourselves. The kids loved it! Christmas Eve morning Elfie left a god-bye note and some PJ's for all of us. I couldn't help but tear up each time his letter was read. I'm a major baby! We got together with Brayden and Kayla for dinner and Grandma April and Grandpa Brian's house on the 23rd. On Christmas Eve we went over to G&G's house again for Cafe Rio and to let the kids open their gifts from them. They each got their own camera that does video and has games (Jerik got his very own wiggle car!) Christmas morning Santa had come! We waited until 8:00 to open presents so Grandpa Brian, Grandma April and Uncle Kenny could come over. Branson kept feeling sad that all his friends had a bunch of presents under our tree but we didn't. We couldn't do it until Christmas Eve because of Jerik. So all morning long Branson was saying, "there are a ton ton ton presents around our tree." Branson got a soccer ball, shin guards, and soccer socks from Grandma Sue and Grandpa Larry, ball jumper from great grandma and great grandpa. Puma clothes, jump rope, slippers, and remote control helicopter from Mom and Dad, power toothbrush, body wash, and table top Foosball from Santa. Maycie got a crib, diaper bag full of stuff, and clothes for her baby from Grandma Sue and Grandpa Larry; a "girl soccer ball" from great grandma and grandpa; pretend food set, make-up, Puma clothes, slippers, and new shoes from Mom and Dad, power toothbrush, body wash, pony family, and barbie car from Santa. Jerik got a shapes/fish toy from Grandma Sue and Grandpa Larry; and sensory ball from Great Grandma and Grandpa; Puma clothes, diapers, slippers, scriptures, and a play phone from Mom and Dad; guitar, baby soap, power toothbrush from Santa. We also got a few games, a new waffle maker, and a few other things I can't remember right now. :) We were all plenty spoiled by everyone! After presents were opened we did the annual 'put decorations away on Christmas day party', then headed to Enterprise for dinner. It was a fun, fun day and we will all miss the feeling we all have during the Christmas season!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


This fun little Elfie man joined our family this year.. It is SO excited each morning to find him. In fact, he was so exciting that Branson was getting up around 6:00 and waking everyone up trying to find him. We tried to set rules so this didn't happen but it wasn't working. Luckily Elfie is so smart and decided to go back to the north pole for a couple of days so we could get some sleep. It worked out perfectly. Elfie has gotten crazy sometimes during the night. Some of those things are... toilet papered the tree, drew all over our picture frames with dry erase marker, got Darla and played connect four, drew a picture with a note on the mirror, got into the Cheerios, rubber banded himself to the ceiling fan, went for a bull-ride on Branson's White Magic, took a nap with Maycie's barbies, and lots of hiding. We love having someone here to help Santa keep track of the kids. Branson even goes and tattle-tells on Maycie to Elfie.

Family Pictures 2012

Jerik at 18 months

Our baby is 18 months. Is he technically a baby? We like to think so! He brings our family so much joy and stress all at the same time. Everyday is fun watching him grow up and learn so many things. I have to put most things to the side for now, and focus on just Jerik. It is impossible to multi-task with him so we just stay home and play all day. Here are some of our family's favorite things about Jerik that we never want to forget.... *After family prayers before bed, we've always given each other a hug and kiss. Jerik picked up on that right away. As soon as someone says "amen" he opens his mouth huge and says his own version of "huuuuuuugs." He is a big hugger (just like his Dad). When he sees any child around his age, he goes over and gives them a big hug. He always hugs Branson and Maycie's friends when they come over too! * When anyone is brushing their teeth, Jerik runs in to get his toothbrush and toothpaste and brings it to you. He does the sign "more" because he wants to brush his teeth too. EVERY time! * Jerik is obsessed with dogs. He can't stand it when he sees one. He said, his own version of "doggie-doggie". * One night for dinner we were having Quinoa. I put a bite of it in Jerik's mouth. He raised both hands in the air and started cheering back and forth. From that day on, we all say, "Yeah Quinoa!!" Jerik always starts cheering. * Jerik loves his fuzzy "oh soft blanky." When we lay down with him, he starts searching for a soft blanket to grab. He wads it up in one hand, then rubs the palm of his other hand on it. Then switches to the other hand. If you lay down one of his "oh soft blankies" he runs over and starts rolling all around on it. * Jerik has made up his own names for each of us. Mine is of course ma-ma. He is famous to neighbors, friends, and family for saying that. ALL day long he calls out, "ma-ma, ma-ma". For Daddy, he doesn't even open his mouth. He just makes the sound, "mmmmm-mmmmm". If AJ sneaks out, Jerik is left wondering around the house saying, "mmmm-mmmm". Maycie's name is, "na-na". When she wakes up, he runs to her saying, "na-na na-na" and gives her a big hug. And he calls Branson, "duh-duh". He gets SO excited when he sees Branson's bus or when he gets home. He starts moving his feet all around saying, "duh-duh duh-duh". * Our favorite names to call Jerik are, Jerik The Berik Boy, Boomy Loomy, Jair Bair, and of course Doodies! * Jerik can also likes to say: water, ball, bus, and grandma. He signs water, more, please, all gone, and waves bye-bye. We love you Doodies, thanks for keeping us all on our toes each day!

Thanksgiving Day

This year for Thanksgiving was perfect again. We watched "Maycie's" parade and played all morning long. Grandma April came over and had dinner with us around 1:00. Jerik was asleep for the first 20 minutes so that was nice. We ate all our favorite foods, cleaned up, then headed up to the park. It was once again beautiful weather!! Maycie is awesome on her scooter with her legs of steel. Branson was in heaven playing soccer with Grandma April.