Saturday, November 10, 2012

Branson soccer man!

We just had to sign Branson up for fall soccer since be absolutely LOVES every minute of it. We did it through Kicks. It has been a lot of fun and we've met a lot of nice people! The season was about 8 weeks long. Which meant Branson has got to have practice and a game every week during that time. He is seriously in heaven when he can kick a soccer ball with someone. He has said to me, "Mom, when I see a soccer ball I just want to go kick it so bad." When it was his turn to sit out, he would tear up and go sit down. He absolutely hated not being in there the entire time. The first couple of games were really hot (about 95 degrees), the last couple were really cold (one was 42 degrees.) It didn't matter to him though. He seriously didn't complain once at any game about anything but having to sit out. He has so much determination and doesn't wear out. By far Branson scored more goals than any other player on his team. As you can see in these pictures, he has his game face on! It was really fun for him this time because he got a trophy. The saddest part is that it slipped out of his hands and broke when we walked in the door. :( Good job on playing so hard Branson and always doing your best! PS... he is #5 in yellow/black.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012 and more!

The Saturday before Halloween we had A LOT of Halloween fun. Grandma Sue and Grandpa Larry came down to visit and because Larry had training Monday and Tuesday. We went to a fun Halloween party that Costco had for employee's families at 5:00 Saturday. We had dinner, decorated cupcakes, bobbed for apples, ring toss, pinata, etc. It was the kid's first time bobbing for apples so that was entertaining. Also the highlight of Branson's night was that he was the first to swing at the pinata, and broke it on his second hit. After the party we went to G&G's hotel to swim. The kid's showed off their amazing swimming skills, then home for bed. After church we had them over for dinner. Then Sappington's, Brayden, and Kayla over to play out front and have pumpkin cake. The kids all had lots of fun and played so good together! Monday we picked up Costa Vida/Wendy's for dinner and went to the park for 3 hours. We played football, soccer, Frisbee, tag, and of course a lunges challenge that Mom won! :) Tuesday night we went to Pier 49 pizza for dinner then miniature golfing after. Grandma Sue and Grandpa Larry came over for healthy apple pie and to play Apples To Apples. This was their last day and we were all so sad for them to leave. Wednesday was actually Halloween which meant more FUN! We had Branson's Halloween parade at school at 2:00. Maycie got to walk in it and loved being a REAL princess. AJ made it JUST in time to watch them walk by. Grandma April stopped by to see them in their costumes. She also gave them one of Branson's FAVORITE Grandma April treats - raw unsalted cashews. We let them "door-to-door" trick-or-treat to some people that we knew would be home and wanted to see the kids. Then the trunk-or-treat at the church. Love the idea of it being quick and easy so we can get home and in bed. By 8:00 everyone was beyond tired! So bath, then bed, ahhhh. Another fun, too much candy, Halloween. I guess I should mention that we borrowed the kid's costumes from the Wilkinson's since they had a ton. The kids looked adorable and loved them! Branson was a skeleton, Maycie was Ariel (Little  Mermaid,) and Jerik was a frog.