Friday, September 21, 2012

Disneyland September 2012

We left for Disneyland Saturday (15th) right after Branson's soccer game and a birthday party Maycie went to. We wanted to stay the night in Las Vegas to break up the drive. It is torture traveling with Jerik. Luckily he slept the ENTIRE drive down. We went shopping, swam at our hotel and ate pizza for dinner. The next morning after breakfast we headed for California. Of course lunch was at Cheesecake Factory, ice cream for dinner. :) Grandpa Brian and Grandma April came down about that time. Grandpa doesn't like Disneyland so he stayed at the hotel each morning. But he made sure to give the kids gum and $1 each morning. We swam for a bit then off to bed. Disneyland side was Monday. It was surprisingly busy and very HOT. We still had fun and were so happy to have Grandma April there. My kids fought over who got to ride with Grandma. California Adventure Tuesday. We (along with the rest of the US) were very excited for the Cars ride. Luckily we were towards beginning of the line but still waited about 30-45 min each time we rode (with fast passes!) It is SUCH a fun ride we all loved it. And of course the World of Color! Wednesday we did a little of each park. Branson wanted to see how close he was to being tall enough for California Screamin' so he headed over to the entrance. He came back and said, "Dad they said I need an adult to go with me." We about DIED! He went on it 3 times in a row until the park closed. Grandma April had to leave the next day so we were all sad! Thursday was also a mix of each park. We started at California Adventure so we could ride Cars again! I hate to think about negative things but I have to put this story in so we remember it. At about 11:00 AJ took Maycie on Cars while I headed to ride "Caterpillar" with Branson and Jerik. The line was long - almost to the entrance of the line. We got in line and 2 families were behind us. I forgot to grab my bag that had Jerik's water and Cheerios, and I needed it for the long wait. I asked Branson to go back to the stroller and get my bag and bring it back. He said ok and started to walk back. There was a man and a little boy about 18 months old that he went between. He put his hands out in front of him together and rolled his shoulders in like you do when you're being careful. He bumped the little boy who stumbled and fell on his bum. The lady next to the little boy grabbed him up and hit Branson on his backside 2 times as he went by while saying, "You little F*****." I said in a not so nice voice, "Excuse me? Don't you ever touch him again." She said, "Well maybe he shouldn't bump into people." I said, "So you think you can hit him? It was an accident." She said, "Well he knocked him down and I didn't spank him." I said, "Yeah I know you hit him. That is ridiculous. You should learn to control your anger." Nothing else was said but I sat there fuming mad. I was thinking so this lady just physically hit my son twice and called him the worst thing she could have. Who else does she do that to? She isn't getting away with it." I went out of line and through the exit to the employees and told them what happened and asked them to call security. They came and escorted her out of the area, separated us to get our stories. At this point I was shaking out of control and bawling so bad I could hardly speak. Branson was sitting on a bench with tears running down his face. They asked me if I wanted them to call Anahiem PD and she would be arrested for simple assault. I REALLY wanted to but I know that it would have been a nightmare. I'd have to drive to California for court and she'd probably get away with it because it was my word against hers. I just didn't want her to get away with it though. She seriously needed a punishment for acting like that. I told them no but wasn't too happy. On a MUCH brighter note, Disneyland gave us 2 no questions ask walk on any ride passes AND dinner that night at Ariel's Grotto. Which was amazing. It is just what I needed to shake the whole thing off and smile. We had a good rest of the day! Overall it was a fun trip that we hopefully won't do again for a couple of years. HA HA!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Jair Bear and the Chair

Jerik has this new awful obsession with tipping chairs over. I was telling my friend Charlene about it and she said, "You need to take pictures and document that right away." I was grateful for her Grandma's perspective. He has been doing it for a couple of weeks now. He pushes over computer chairs, kid's table chairs, kitchen chairs, or whatever he can get his hands on. It has been REALLY frustrating to say the least. I tried to ignore it at first but he did it all day long. So I started to take him to the corner and hold him in time out for about 30 seconds while he screamed. It wasn't working. I had a broken chair and dents in the wall, cabinets, and entertainment center. I decided it was time to be really mean and put him in his bed and close the door for one minute while he screamed. It didn't work at all though. He'd just push the chairs over and then head for time out! When he pushed another chair over and broke it, I just about lost my mind. We finally got smart and tied a rope around all the chairs. Our family rolled with laughter all over the living room floor while we watched him go from chair to chair trying to push them over, and not knowing why they wouldn't go. Anyway, if you come over to our house, be careful which chair you choose! Hopefully in a couple years we'll invest in another table. Here are some pictures for proof. Don't let his cute face fool you!