Monday, August 20, 2012

Maycie turns 4

My little girl is already 4! She is seriously so sweet we just love her. She gives us hugs and tells us she loves us all day long. Her and Jerik have a really cute relationship. Every morning Jerik wants Maycie to wake up and calls for her, "na na? na na?" If we aren't careful he will go find her and wake her up. When she is up, he runs and gives her hugs! Oh I love it! Maycie was very excited to turn 4. She kept saying, "What will I feel like when I am 4? Will I be as tall as Camden when I turn 4?" We had a friend party for her Saturday afternoon. Charlene and Grandma April came to help. We played duck duck goose, pin the banana in the monkey's hand, button button, telephone, pass the ball, did a pinata, had cake, and opened presents. The kids insisted on going out back to play and sweating. She was spoiled and loved everything. After each present she opened she went to that person and told them thank you and gave them a hug. For her birthday dinner she chose McDonalds - yay! AJ kept saying, "I can't wait to go to Red Robin for your birthday." or "So Maycie you want to go to Pasta Factory for your dinner?" She would say, "Hey NO! You little stinker!" I actually packed me a lunch in Branson's lunch box to take because I can't eat that food. Sunday morning we let her open her presents from us and sang happy birthday to her all day. They sang to her in primary and she just looked down the whole time because she was so embarrassed. After church we had Grandpa Brian, Grandma April, Sappington's, Brayden and Kayla over for rice crispy treats. They played for a couple hours then we tried to get a picture. Kayla of course wouldn't sit for a picture so her grandma sat in to hold her. I love the look on Maycie's face when Kayla wouldn't sit down for a picture. She was thoroughly annoyed. Maycie also received cards and packages in the mail for her birthday from Great Grandma & Grandpa Ashcroft, Great Grandpa Halversen, and Grandma Sue and Grandpa Larry. She LOVED getting stuff in the mail. This girl is spoiled. Happy Birthday Princess!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Maycie's first day of preschool

This year for Maycie I am doing "joyschool" for her preschool again. It would be the 4th year I have done it (2 for Branson and 2 for Maycie.) You'd think I'd be a professional! The kids (left to right) are Camden O'Connor, Isaac Wilcox, Lizzie Robinson, Carter Horsley, and Maycie Schmutz. Maycie was very excited to have preschool at her house very first. She had lots of fun and so did all the other kids. They were crazy hyper actually! I am grateful I can do this type of preschool with her because I am not ready to send her away to school yet. She's too sweet. Just look at that little princess of mine! :)

First day of 1st grade.

 Today was Branson's first day of school. He was really excited but wouldn't admit it. I was torn. I was VERY excited to not have Branson and Maycie at each other's throat all day but was really going to miss him. We were kind of buddies and played game a TON of the time. The thought of having him gone all day made me question the last 6 1/2 years of his life. Does he know I love him? Is is confident enough? Have I taught him right from wrong? There is a big influence when he's gone at school almost as much as he is home. When he got off the bus he RAN to me and gave me a big hug and said, "I love 1st grade." Whew! Branson  was taking some pictures as we were heading up there. One of our baby Jerik and one of Dad. We were glad to have him there but sad it meant he was working 1:00-10:30. Also there is a picture of Branson and Ashtyn walking hand in hand. So sweet! Oh and PS... Branson and Maycie were fighting 5 minutes after we got back from the bus stop.

Great Grandma Hipwell

My Aunt JoAnne, Cousins Kristin and Kylie, and Grandma Hipwell came down the end of July for a little vacation. They "rented" the house next door to us and stayed for a few days. It was so fun to see them! My kids loved their Great Grandma Hipwell. Branson especially loved that he was almost as tall as her. He tried to exaggerate it on his tip-toes. This Grandma of mine is a GOOD person. She is so sweet and kind to EVERYONE. If only the world could be a little more like her. :)