Monday, July 2, 2012

Northern Utah Trip

In January of this year we were thinking of trips we wanted to take during the year. We thought since it would be 2 years in October that we have gone up North, we better do that. We all have been counting down the days until we left on June 23. Every place we went had stairs. Jerik didn't know what fun was until he saw those stairs. He had a 1 track mind everywhere he went, "I want those stairs! I want those stairs." So AJ and I literately took turns sitting on the stairs everywhere we went. Sometimes we'd go for a ride just so we didn't have to sit on the stairs! We just LOVE seeing family and getting away from the normal day-to-day. As we were driving home I was kicking myself for not getting hardly any pictures! GRRRR! Here is some of the fun things we did so we don't forget.... We got there Saturday around 1:00 and went straight to my Mom and Larry's to start decorating. JoAnne and Woody stopped by to say hi. We had street chicken tacos for dinner, then headed to Grandma's house. Sunday was my Grandpa Ashcroft's birthday so we hung out there for the day. We went to church (yay for fighting sleep deprived/too much sugar kids in sacrament) then had the family over for pork tacos. I believe there were 19 of us. Fun stuff! Monday we did more decoration shopping for my Mom's house and had lunch at Mimi's Cafe for our 5-generation picture. My cousin Kristin came with her sweet little Cooper for lunch so she too could get a picture. Tuesday was my Mom's birthday. We shopped a little, decorated a little, and got ready for another family party at my Mom's house. I think there were 23 of us and I just love the guts out of every single one of them! Wednesday we just kind of hung out at my Grandma's. Then AJ took Branson and Maycie to see Brave. Jerik and I took the most amazing nap ever. I never ever take naps. I was so tired though I think I slept for almost 2 hours. A-MAZING! We met up with my Mom and Larry for dinner at Zupas. Then went to a little carnival at the park next to my Grandma's. Thursday my cousin Lucas' wife Angie and her little girl Adalyn came down to play. That night Branson and AJ went fishing with Mark and David. Branson fell off his chair into the and was not happy about that. The rest of us went on a little nature walk with Julie. Right at the beginning of our walk we saw this cute deer like 20 feet from us. Friday morning we went to Cherry Hill with my Mom and Larry. Then met at JoAnne and Woody's house for another party! Saturday morning we met at a castle park in Kaysville with some friends that used to live in St.George.. It was good to see them and we realized how much we miss them. Saturday night was very exciting. Branson's tooth was really loose. He kept moving it and it started to bleed a little. AJ got a paper towel and said, "Let me wipe off the blood." Instead he grabbed it and yanked it out. The tooth fairy actually found him and Great Grandma and Grandpa's house. Sunday was the end of the trip. We got home and I did laundry, ironed, and unpacked 1:00-9:00. Yay! I think Jerik is bored out of his mind because we don't have one single step in our house! It was a fun trip and we loved seeing everyone and miss them already. The last picture is Sunday night with Jerik fast asleep on Daddy's lap at home at last. :)

Maycie- 5 generation

Here is a picture of Maycie with her Great Grandpa Stan Halversen and her Great Great Grandma Luanna Halversen. I wanted this picture especially because I wanted Maycie to see what she looked like when she received a doll from them. In 1972 Great Great Grandma and Grandpa Halversen were called as temple president of the Ogden Temple. It was right when it was built and they were the first ones. Grandma helped the brides get ready on their wedding day a lot of the time. During this time Great Grandpa Stan Halversen was stationed in the Philippines. He mailed a porcelain bride doll to Grandma. She has kept it and "treasured it all these years." She gave it back to Grandpa Stan and wanted him to give it to someone special. He chose to give it to me so it could go to Maycie when she is old enough. I plan on saving it and giving it to her on her wedding day. It is so sweet it makes me want to cry. :)

Jerik's 5 generation picture!

I have gotten a 5 generation picture on the Halversen side for both Branson and Maycie, now it was Jerik's turn. We met for lunch at Mimi's Cafe in Layton with Jerik's Great Grandpa Halversen and Great Great Grandma Halversen (age 98.) Jerik loved looking at Grandma. It must have been the glasses.

Articles of Faith

In January our primary challenged the kids to learn all 13 articles of faith by the end of the year. If they did this they would get a Starburst. I thought there was no way I could teach a 3 year old and 6 year old all 13. I didn't even know them! I just started with the first one and would say it throughout the whole day again and again. Eventually they got it! We'd pass it off and start the next one. By #5, I started playing the CD in the car. We just did one by one and they DID IT! I am so proud of them for how hard they have worked.  My kids are amazing!