Monday, June 18, 2012

He's had a birthday shout HOORAY!

Today was Jerik's 1st birthday. It was so fun for us to tell our little baby happy birthday all day. I sent his picture to be shown on Good Things Utah and called his birthday into the radio. Branson cried when he wasn't he winner. :) I was a meanie and scheduled his 1-year check up (with shots) on his birthday. I wanted to get it done way before our trip so I didn't have to deal with a reaction on vacation. He did fine though. Only cried for a few minutes and then never again! He was only 24lb. 11oz (77%) and 30.5" long (74%.) He's just so SKINNY! Dr. Cain says "He is a perfect baby." He definitely does not know that he is into EVERYTHING at home. :) I always think I will get things done when he takes a nap because it is easier. Then he goes to sleep and I think I don't want to do anything in case it is noisy and wakes him up. Jerik's new thing is to stand up and raise his arms in the air while we say, "steady, steady." Then he falls downs and laughs. He still rubs his heals together really fast when he is excited. He walks along all the furniture or CRUISES with his walkers. The handle is broke so he has to bend way over to walk with it. He doesn't care though! He just takes off running. If he crashes into something, he puts it in reverse and keeps going. We had a little party with Grandpa Brian, Grandma April and Charlene. Branson was the most excited for the party. We had a healthier version of Banana cupcakes. YUM! Jerik got clothes, toys, diapers, and even birthday money! :)