Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Doodies at 11 months

The last month Jerik has gotten SO busy. He wants up and down, in and out, over and under always. He gets into ever cupboard he can, plays with the blinds, and knocks down the tree all day long. It has made going to the park, sitting out front, or swimming almost impossible. But he is just SO handsome who could get frustrated? Our little Boom Boom got his first haircut this month too. He just had a bunch of long pieces of hair so I wanted to cut it all so it was the same length. Isn't he handsome?? Jerik loves for us to do patty-cake with him, sing Little Bunny Foo Foo, and roll the ball to him. Love you Dudes!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer ward babies

We had a ward BBQ a couple of weeks ago and had to snap a picture of our "summer ward babies" group while a few of us were together. Even though as you can tell it was VERY windy. Left (oldest) to right (youngest) is Channing, Jerik, Gemma, Corbin. I just love these sweet babies. They have grown so much in the last 6 months. And notice that Jerik and Gemma are in love. I like to sing Jerik and Gemma sittin in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

My Kindergarten Graduate!

We had Branson's kindergarten program that was so stinkin cute! It was impossible for me to not get emotional while the kids were singing the cutest songs! Grandpa Brian and Grandma April came with our family to watch. I was the best Mom ever and brought a video camera with a dead battery. And apparently the kids were supposed to be in Sunday clothes but we never got the memo! I also had to take a picture of Branson's school shoes and backpack that are completely trashed! Love it!

During Kindergarten Branson went from knowing sight words to reading full on books and anything else with letters, showed courage riding the bus to a new school, he learned to count by 2's, 5's, and 10's, had compassion for a boy being pushed at recess, learned to make friends, only needed his bear to "go down" once at school to recognize the feeling of disobeying. Branson learned to be responsible for getting ready for school on time, he lost his first tooth, overcame many fears of getting up in front of his class, learned a valuable lesson to not "waste" all his money on the pencil machine, realized some kids are just not nice. Branson grew 1 1/2 inches during the school year, got 100% on all spelling tests, learned to write 1-100, played on his first sports team (soccer.) We love our big boy Branson so much and are so proud of the good person he is. I have said this before but he really has a desire to do what is right and wants to please his parents.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

I have to post about the best Mother's Day I have ever had so I will never forget. I realized in recent years that Mother's Day is sometimes hard because we expect to much. We want it to be perfect. Well this year I decided that I wouldn't expect anything. I was just happy to be with my family and know that we are all together under one roof. My thoughts first started Friday night when AJ and Branson were camping for Father's & Son's. How grateful I am for a perfect husband that is willing and happy to take Branson camping. Branson absolutely LOVES his Dad and spending time with him. Next, how amazingly fun it was to spend one on one time with Maycie (and Jerik.) Our tradition is this... Get our fingernails painted, have dinner together, go shopping, and she gets to sleep in bed with Mom. I was able to see life through her eyes. She is very easy to please, happy to be there, thoughtful, and sweet as can be. She really stops to smell the roses and notices things in nature. I was talking to my Mom and she pointed out to me how special it was that Maycie noticed the little things. When did I become so busy with things? I am in a hurry to get there and get back with out any "fun." Anyway, we all missed each other while the boys were away and had a good day together on Saturday. Well Saturday night starting at 8:30 Branson started throwing up. The poor kid threw up 4 times during the next 3 hours. He was so exhausted. I said "Branson go to the bathroom and wash your hands while I get a clean blanket down." "Ok Mom" (head hits the pillow), is all I got from him. At 11:30 Maycie started throwing up. I was washing her hair out in the tub and she said, "Mom I have throw up all over in my bed." I said, "I know hunny but Mom will wash all your blankets so they will be clean." Her sweet little shivering body looked over and said, "Thank you Mom for doing that." Seriously so thoughtful. She threw up about every 45 minutes until 5:30. It was so horribly sad to listen to her dry heave, cry, then lay right back down and be out! And can I say AJ is totally amazing? He was right there with me EVERY step of the way cleaning up messes and giving loves all night. I would have been a mess without him. Thankfully Doody slept through the entire thing. It was a long night but I never got frustrated. I was just grateful that we were all together and I was able to take care of these sweet kids. When morning came the kids got up and seemed fine. A little weak but happy! They gave me cards and fun things they had made. AJ put cute notes all over the house on things like.... On the oven, "Mom is the best cook ever!" And on the medicine cabinet, "Best Mama Doctor around." He is seriously so cute! So we all stayed home from church and did laundry like crazy. I think our washer went non-stop until 3:00 in the afternoon. Plus AJ made a laundromat trip for Branson's comforter. We also played together as a family all day. We colored, painted, played games, sang songs, read books, watched church videos, etc. My family spoiled me!! No fighting kids at all! And I ate Doody's cuteness all day too. He is so yummy!!! Grandma April said she didn't mind that the kids were sick all night and we could still come over. So we headed over there for some burritos. Everyone had lots of fun. Yay for an amazing day!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tooth Fairy

May 9, 2012 Branson lost his first tooth. I was in the kitchen trying to clean up some dishes when I heard him start crying like he was in pain. I went in the living room to see what happened. He was holding his mouth saying that Maycie pulled the blanket out of his mouth and his mouth hurt. I could see blood but didn't want to scare him. I said, "Well let me see OH MY! Your tooth is GONE." He said in his crying voice, "Where is it?" We ran in the bathroom to look at it in the mirror. I was trying to make him be excited that the tooth fairy would come, when really I was freaking out inside. His tooth wasn't loose at all. So not only did his tooth come out but the long white root that was connected to it. There was a very deep and bleeding hole in his gums. The tooth next to the missing one was also loose. I was so worried that it would cause problems for him. Maybe part of it is still in there, could he get an infection, will the new tooth be cracked or grow in differently now? He started to get really excited about the tooth fairy coming and forgot about the pain. It was a very good learning opportunity for us all to see why we don't use our teeth for things. I can't tell you how many times I have said, "Don't do that with your teeth. You are going to break them. Your teeth are very important and you can't ruin them." But what better than to have something dramatic like this be a good lesson. :) Thankfully it was just a baby tooth! I did call my dentist Ashton Prince (which is amazing and we totally love him!) the next day to talk to him about it. He said in reality it was probably a good thing. He said his permanent tooth should be coming in soon and maybe will move in from behind. He said, "It is better Maycie pull the tooth out than me." Anyway, that tooth fairy came and it was very exciting! Branson came to me in the morning and said, "Mom I just closed my eyes, laid in my bed for 20 seconds, then reached under my pillow and my tooth was gone." He always says that he doesn't sleep during the night. He just lays there and thinks about something for 1 minute then it is morning time. I wish I could sleep that sound!! :)