Monday, April 9, 2012


I had to snap this picture (even though AJ was rolling his eyes) before church to see the resemblance. One picture was taken on Easter 2007 when Branson was 15 months old. The other picture was taken Easter 2012 with Jerik 9 months old. I love my boys!


Our Easter was again fabulous. We started out with a good ol' fashion egg coloring fight Friday afternoon. (Why does it sound so fun but is really miserable?) Also did some Easter crafts with the kids. We received cards in the mail from Great-Grandpa Halversen. Then they were SPOILED with egg hunts. They just love every minute of them so it was awesome. Saturday morning we went to the one at Heritage Park that Coral Canyon does. Then Saturday night Grandma April did one for them while she was babysitting. Grandma even re-stuffed the eggs and hid them again for 2 rounds! She just rocks! (Mom and Dad went to dinner with some friends that night.) Of course the Easter Bunny came Sunday morning. After church we went to "grandma" Charlene's house for a yummy dinner and another Easter egg hunt. Jerik was doing this really funny thing with Charlene where he would slowly move his head closer and closer to her head until their foreheads would touch. He would smile and do it again. Too cute! The kids have been in heaven. And of course the annual family Easter picture. We are wearing the same clothes as last year - except me who last year was wearing a maternity shirt!

Randoms of our Jair Bair

Our little boy is growing up so fast. He is so fun! He is really growing into his body. I keep telling him that he is getting so skinny! Some nights he falls asleep in our arms while the other two kids are going to bed. We love getting extra little snuggles with the boy. He is SO precious.