Monday, February 27, 2012

Puzzles galore

I have to post about our puzzle obsession because I am sure it won't last forever and I never want to forget it. We started doing puzzles a ton back in November. Branson got a couple for his birthday and we have been loving them ever since. There isn't a day that goes by without puzzles being done. Branson will quickly get ready for school so he can have time to do a puzzle. After school (and giving Jerik Berik a ton of hugs) he does puzzles. Maycie does them while Branson is at school. We all do them off and on all afternoon and night. We have started looking at the DI for puzzles even because $5.00 each is getting expensive. All but 2 of our 12 puzzles are 100 pieces. We bought a 28 piece puzzle in the $1 section at Target, yeah Branson puts it together in about 30 seconds. Both Branson and Maycie can do any puzzle all by themselves. It is crazy but I love it! There isn't much that brings us closer to each other than sitting on the floor putting puzzles together. Here is what our kitchen floor looks like most of the time.

Jerik 8 months....ish

I think Jerik is finally starting to grow into his weight. He is probably about 24 pounds. He eats carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, and squash really well... if I mix it with a cube of banana. Sinker! At 4 months he got his two bottom teeth. At 8 months he got his 4 top teeth. Literately all at the same time. We noticed white under his gums and a bump one day. Two days later it was through and the next tooth was white under the gums and a bump. The next day it was through and so on.... I am hoping that is the reason for the sad boy. He just seems annoyed at life lately. He gets in the bath each night that AJ works late, only because I have nothing else at the end of the day to try and make him happy. He sits in there for about an hour, then it's bedtime. He goes to bed at 7:30, wakes up usually at midnight and 6:00. He gives us a lot of funny faces all day long. Our favorite is the biggest cheeser face ever. Maybe he is showing off all his new teeth. He loves all his family so much and isn't sure about strangers. He has cried a few times when new people hold him. And of course, we love our Doodies!