Friday, January 13, 2012

Disneyland January 2012

It was again time for a much anticipated Disneyland trip. AJ had his work Christmas party on Saturday, January 7th at the Hilton Garden Inn. So we decided to stay there the night before our trip. They kids LOVE staying at hotels and were so excited to stay the night there. The Disneyland part was a surprise for the kids until the morning of Sunday. We got in the car and were on the road by 6:35 (AJ is really nuts!) He told the kids we had to take a different way home because of some road construction. They were asking random questions off and on and by the time we were out of the gorge I had to tell them. Branson said, "Are you for reals? For very reals? We are really going now?" And the both of them kept squealing. I had a ton of stuff planned for the ride down but we still had to listen to, "are we there yet?" a million times. We had Monday-Thursday of Diensyland and California Adventure. It was AMAZING. The weather was perfect. Really warm (75 in the afternoon) and just a little cool (55ish) in the evenings. We walked on every single ride for 4 days. Branson got to go on Indiana Jones for the first time and loved it. Maycie went on a ton of new rides for the first time like..... Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Jumpin Jellyfish, AND Hollywood Tower of Terror. She was a little scared of the drops but loved it all. She never cried or anything. She is a true die-hard DL girl. Jerik was an angel. I feel like it was a good age because he could be entertained by a lot but wasn't crawling and wanting to get down. Yay! We rode every ride and got signatures from almost every character. One of the highlights of the trip was a private meet and greet we had with our Chase Visa card. It was with Chip'n'Dale. We had about 10 minutes with them for the kids to play with. Jerik was laughing hysterically at them. Branson and Maycie played ring around the rosies with them too. It was really cute! The only bad part of the trip was that my coat got lost. I filled out a lost and found form and Disneyland said they would mail it to me if it got turned in. Branson keeps saying prayers that it will be found. We'll see. Anyway another fun Disneyland trip and we hope to have many more. There is nothing better than spending Saturday-Friday with your family - away from home and the daily laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc. Unfortunately we still had to deal with some whining and fighting. If only there was a cure for that. Now.... here is the picture overload.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Our sad day... Maycie's earrings

We have really been pathetic for the last day and a half. Branson woke up at about 2:00 in the morning throwing up. He threw up off and on for the next few hours. Then at 7:00 when Maycie woke up, she said her ears were hurting. AJ told me the back and fallen off and they were all swollen. We were searching for the back and couldn't find it anywhere. After trying to take her earring out, I realized that the back was still attached to the earring and was INSIDE her ear. I had to dig into her ear lobe from the back and get it off. She had a big hole in the back of her ear. We told her that she couldn't have earrings for now and we'd have to try again when she is a little older. She started crying and said that she really wanted to have earrings. Meanwhile AJ was throwing up. He had to leave for work, because he would be written up for calling in sick 20 minutes before his shift started, and would also not get paid for the New Year's Day holiday. When Clair's opened, I called to see if they had something I could put in her ear. There was a white gold earring with a longer post (to fit through the swollen ear) and was only $45. AJ threw up at work and headed home. He and Branson stayed home while Maycie, Jerik, and I went into Clair's. We looked ridiculous. All in our pajamas. At this point I started to feel like throwing up. The lady said she wouldn't recommend putting anything in her ear and to let it heal up and try again another time. I was relieved because I was not feeling good about an earring being in there. Maycie was really sad but agreed to take them out and "try again when she is 5 or 6." So we got home and I kept getting worse. Branson, AJ, and I spent the day lying on the couch/floor. Maycie just bounced off the walls, dancing all around, and trying to take care of us. Jerik was such a good baby and was happy to just sit with me playing with a toy.... all.... day.... long. And what is crazy, this is the 4th time that I have had the flu on New Year's Eve in the last 12 years. What are the chances? I don't even drink. Anyway, we are all grateful to have a little bit more energy today and love when we are healthy!!