Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jerik boy - 4 months

We had Jerik's 4 month appointment to find that he weighs....

20lbs. 5oz. And let me remind you, he is 4 months old. The nurse said she thinks it is a record. And actually he is off the growth chart. I asked the Dr. what his percentile is and he said, "He is over the growth chart. So we'll call it 100%." His height is 26" which is 86% (Exactly the percentile at his 2 month.) Everyone wants to know what he eats. It is 100% mommy milk. He has never had a drop of anything else. My Dr. also said that I must be really "sweet." My Mom says it must be cream. I sometimes can't believe this boy myself. Trying to pack him in his car seat is impossible. He is still so young with not a lot of muscle strength so it is like carrying around a sack of potatoes. We love love his chubs though. His thighs are so yummy! He is still sleeping good at night. Usually anywhere between 6-10 hours at a time. We like to rub his cute bald head. He is actually growing some peach fuzz so it is even more fun to rub. A week before he turned 4 months I started putting him to bed awake. I had tried it a couple of times before but didn't feel ok about it. I felt like he got too sad and needed to be close to someone. So we would just rock him to sleep. I knew that if I kept doing that I would create a monster. So I tried it again. It was perfect. He cried a little off and on for 5-10 minutes at first but is doing really well. Now he will sometimes fall asleep without crying or just kind of yell a little for 5 minutes or so. I am so glad I didn't keep making him cry a couple of months ago. I am also glad that he is doing so well. It is the worst listening to crying and wondering what to do. Here are some Dr. pics...

I realized that I didn't have even one picture of my labor and delivery nurse, May. So I took him in so she could get a snuggle and I could get a picture. We love May. She made our day special and was SO nice to our whole family.

Here is his cereal for the first time the day he turned 4 months. It was weird to him but I think he'll like it.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Quack Quack!

Since AJ was working really late, I decided to think of something fun to do instead of sit home missing him. So we went to feed the ducks with Grandma April. The ducks were very aggressive with their food tonight, which left Branson a little nervous. Maycie on the other hand had NO fear. The duck even got her finger but it didn't stop her. Jerik boy was just along for the ride.

Her face after he got her finger.

"We are a happy Fam-i-ly"

I always want to sing this song around our house... and with a little sarcasm after a few long days. :)

Another "sleeping beauties" picture

So I had this really strong desire to take a picture of my kids after they had all gone to bed. It was such a strong desire I was trying to not panic. But here they are.

Grandpa's 4-wheeler

Grandpa Brian got a 4-wheeler this summer but this was the first time our family had the chance to take it out in the dirt. We all loved it. I think the most fun for AJ. He grew up with his own 4-wheeler that he rode daily. I know he misses it. Maybe someday we'll have one of our own. Grandma April came too but we didn't get a picture of her. Dang! I need to be better about getting everyone in attendance. :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Babies! Babies! Babies!

So there were 8 babies born in our ward in 3 1/2 months. Chantel said that we should get a picture with all of our babies. I love loved the idea so I scheduled a day. There were two girls that couldn't make it. We are so sad and really missed them but will try again in a few months. What are the chances we could get everyone though? After the very first picture that was taken, my baby, and Sheri's baby, blew out their pants. At first we heard the noise and said, "Wait, we need to check their pants to make sure it isn't going through." Sure enough... it was. I'm glad I had another onesie in my purse. So here are some of the funnest pictures ever! These babies are the best. So cute!!

In birth order left (end of April) to right (first of August.)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Kindergarten pictures!

Our handsome Branson's pictures turned out so cute. I love having cute pictures and not having to worry about taking the picture!! Branson is still loving school a ton. He comes home and does his homework and chores everyday (usually without complaining.) He told us today that his teacher put up the word "like" and asked if anyone knew what that word was. He yelled it out and his teacher was so proud.