Thursday, June 30, 2011

Branson & Jerik look alike?

So here are pictures of our boys about a week old. Can anyone else see the resemblance or is it just me?



Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our sweet baby Jerik

Jerik is still such a good baby. We all love having him around and don't remember life without him. I was starting to worry because he would sleep so long without waking up to eat. But I had forgotten about the magical 10 day mark. All of the sudden he is awake a lot more often. Oh he is yummy!!

First "real" Bath - 10 days old

Jerik loved his first real bath. He never cried but you could tell he didn't like getting out.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

1 week

Our little baby is now 1 week old. I can't believe how fast a week goes by. I wish I could pause time for a moment. We are loving every minute of him. He is such a good baby and puts up with a thousand kisses a day by everyone. He's been sleeping about 9:00-2:00 (5 hours) then again until about 7:00 (another 5 hour stretch.) It is really nice to get sleep and not be sleep deprived. Not to mention that I still have gotten a nap everyday so that really helps. Thanks to everyone for helping with our kids so we can have a break. :) Oh and by the way.... I think this little boy is looking more and more like Branson every day. He is a little mini-me of Branson.

I have a picture of Branson in this same outfit at 1 week. It is a lot tighter on Jerik than it was on Branson.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Could life get any better?

Best Buds

Branson and Maycie sometimes play so nice together. They play puppies, Disneyland, or make huts all of the time. This was the beginning of one of their dress up sessions.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Little Jerik Man

This baby is so fun. We are just loving him. Unfortunately we are playing the Jaundice game that we played with the other two kids. The # keeps going up everyday. Today was 15.8 so hopefully tomorrow it will stay the same or go down. The kids can't get enough of him! We are so lucky to have so much help. Grandma Sue is staying for a week and has been so helpful. I have been lucky enough to get a little nap in each day. Last night my back got so bad that I almost went to the ER. I was rolling around on the floor screaming and couldn't get away from the pain. Luckily my chiropractor lives in my ward and I called him hysterical and asked him to come look at my back. He said it was out of place in my lower back and adjusted everything. It was seriously a miracle! I stood up straight for the first time since the baby was born. It still hurts but is actually manageable now. Here are more pictures of our cute Jerik.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Our sweet boy today!

Baby Jerik is still doing awesome. He was sad during the first part of the night but then slept from 1:00 to 6:00. A-MAZING!! For some reason my lower back is killing me. Maybe because I pushed an almost 10 pound baby out of me. I can't stand up straight but hope to again some day. :)
Here are some more pics of the cute boy.

Baby Jerik

Waiting patiently for baby's arrival...

First look at baby Jerik.

Meeting brother and sister...

Grandpa Ashcroft holding baby Jerik. Since Grandpa was working security this day, he was out in the hallway listening to the whole delivery. He got to hear Jerik's first cry. I guess he should be the one out there being a part of it since Jerik's middle name is after Grandpa Brian.

Uncle Kevin and cousin Alicia came to see him.

Grandma April taking a turn.

Mom's Perfect Day!

When I originally found out I was pregnant, my due date was June 30. After an ultrasound in February, it showed that baby was big, so my due date was moved to June 23. The first week in June my Dr. told me that he was going to be going out of town on the 19th. If I wanted to be induced before he left, I could. My first thought was that I didn't want to be induced, and that the baby would be here on his own before that, so I wouldn't even have to make that decision. Well on Monday (13th) I was dilated to a 4 and the Dr. stripped my membranes. I thought for sure I would have a baby by the next morning. I even told AJ Monday morning that it was the last time I would take a shower as a pregnant girl. Tuesday I woke up with a baby still inside me. I went in again on Tuesday to find out I was dilated to a 5 and he really stripped my membranes. Well Wednesday came and still no baby. I was really starting to get worried because I did NOT want to be induced. I had been walking at the mall almost everyday for two weeks so I continued doing that hoping for something. I had a blessing on Wednesday and just started praying continually that I will know without a doubt what to do. I went in again on Friday and was still at a 5. The Dr. and I were talking about the options. Either be induced Saturday or schedule it for next Thursday when he came back. I couldn't give him an answer. So I told him I would call him later that day. He thought Saturday was a good idea and AJ really wanted Saturday. I had also talked to a lot of other people getting different insights on the whole thing. Ultimately it was up to me though. I was the only one that could make the decision and the only one that could receive inspiration for this baby's life. I am grateful for that but it also scared me knowing that I could regret my decision for the rest of my life. What if the baby was under stress and the delivery ended in a C-section? What if he wasn't ready to come for whatever reason and ended up in the NICU? Both have been big fears of mine for a long time. I slowly started leaning toward the idea of being induced Saturday. As I kept thinking about it, the thought brought me more and more peace. I finally called the Dr. and left a message to go ahead with Saturday (still in my mind thinking I could call and cancel it.) But luckily as I started making preparations and calling to let people know, I felt better about it. By the evening, I was getting excited and thought I was making the right decision, but still a little scared knowing I would have a baby tomorrow. We were told I was #4 on the list for inductions for the day so we could be waiting around for a the phone call for a while. I didn't hardly sleep that night at all because I was so excited and nervous. Luckily we didn't have to wait around too long because I got a call at 5:20 that morning. AJ slept good all night and didn't even hear the phone ring. How would that be?? I wish I could do that.

Grandma April came over at 6:00 to be here with the kids while we were at the hospital. Grandpa works security at labor and delivery so it was fun being greeted by him when we got there. I was not really even nervous. Everything was calm and going perfect. They started the pitocin around 7:30. The kids stopped by around 8:30 to say, "hi." They were very excited that we were going to have a baby soon. They were also having so much fun with Grandma April. I am so grateful that she was so willing to help and that they had a good time. I had been worried that would struggle while we were gone. By 9:00 I was done with the painful contractions and asked for the epidural. Which is the scariest thing of all! When the anesthesiologist walked in, I started saying, "No, I'm so scared, I can't do this." The nurse explained to him that I was really scared and was kind of freaking out. He replied, "Me too this is my first time. It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't so scared of needles." I started laughing so hard. I knew he was kidding because I already heard a million good things about him. I think it helped me get through the process. I didn't even shed a tear. :) Afterwords, I asked him to explain the epidural process to me. He showed me the metal piece that is stuck through your back and said things like, "It's not really a needle. It isn't sharp so I can feel it break through the ligaments and I know when to stop." It actually made me a little weak listening to him. I could never be a nurse!!

They checked me again at about 9:30 to find I was at a 7 and the baby had dropped a little. We just kept waiting patiently and enjoyed the peaceful time together. Our nurses were awesome. They were honest with us and right on top of things. My main nurse was May. She was so good to try to help problems before they became one. It was fun to have her around the whole time. Grandpa came in to see us a couple of times when he had time. It was fun to have him to visit with. I think we were also hooked up a little better because of the connection!!

About an hour later I was at an 8 but the baby was still in the same place. I think the nurse was a little concerned because he wasn't dropping super fast. She checked again after another hour. This time I was still at an 8 but the baby was way lower. We continued waiting and progressing over the next hour when she told me around 1:00 that we were ready to have a baby. They started getting the room ready and called the Doctor. I was so excited!! AJ was excited beyond belief. He couldn't even stand it. You could tell he just wanted to scream. I pushed through about 4 contractions when they told me to stop because his head was out. Through the contractions they were telling me to push harder and give them a little more. I felt like I had given everything I could and then some during those pushes. I had one last push for the shoulders and there he was. The most perfect thing right from heaven and from me. Right from me! I did it. I couldn't even help but cry and be overwhelmed with emotion. He was crying and I loved it. My other kids didn't cry very much when they came out so the sound was beautiful!!! He was beautiful. Jerik Brian Schmutz was here and perfect. I will never forget the happiness that I felt at that very moment. Amazing!

The nurses kept saying how big he was. I personally didn't think he looked that big though. We were all guessing before he came out that he was in the 7lb range. AJ and I both guessed 7lbs. 10oz. But now the nurses were all saying that he was in the 8 pounds and some guessed int he 9 pound range. I thought they were crazy. But sure enough, they put him on the scale and 9lbs. 6oz. it read. I was dying. I kept saying, "9-6?? 9-6, are you kidding me? There is no way he is 9-6." And for hours that is all I could think to say is, "9-6??" No wonder why my hips were hurting so bad everyday! And no wonder why I had to push so much harder than I remembered in the past. And no wonder why he struggled dropping. He was huge! I never thought in a million years that I would or even could have a baby that big.

In the past I have thought about how it would be to have a baby at home. Would it be more peaceful, easier, less stressful? But now I know the answer for me is no way. The whole morning I had thoughts on how glad I was to be at the hospital. To know that if there was complication I had help right away. It is amazing how medicine is today and that I can have a baby without pain but still be awake to experience all of these things. It is really amazing and I'm glad Heavenly Father has given people knowledge to do this. I am also aware of the promptings that are felt. I know that I was guided by the spirit in my decisions and that we were watched over. I wonder now what could have happened if I wasn't induced. Could I deliver a bigger baby or would I have had a c-section? I'm happy to say that I'll never know.

(The only bad part of the day.) Jerik was about an hour old and was doing great. He was eating good and looked amazing. Dr. Cain came in and wanted to check him out. He looked him over, listened to his heart & lungs, felt his bones, and his stomach. He said that he started to spit up so he suctioned out his mouth. Then he brought him back to me. I could immediately tell from my other kids at birth, that he was not breathing right. I was telling him that something was wrong and he couldn't breath. He was looking at him and said he was fine. But I kept saying it. I was panicking and saying, "Look, he can't breath. I can feel it in his back and chest." But he again tried to reassure me that everything was fine. The baby's nurse walked through the door and started coming over. I was saying, "Something was wrong. He's not ok. He can't breath." She looked at him and calmly took him over to the bassinet to check him out. I could see his chest going up and down really fast. His lips even started turning blue. She called for respiratory therapy to come over. He got his machine and started working on the baby. But no one was moving fast enough for me. I was crying and VERY upset at the situation. The baby's nurse that was awesome, came over to me and told me that everything was going to be ok and he still looked pink enough to her. She said that I am the Mom and I know what is best and I did the right thing to keep persisting. I will forever be grateful for her and her kind words. I later found out that her only child was killed in a boating accident a few years ago. So I KNOW that she really cared for me and my situation. They were pushing oxygen through his mouth and nose, then sucking fluid out of his stomach through a tube. They said each treatment was 15 minutes long so they would see what happens. After the first session, his lungs were still retracting bad so they tried again. They said the treatment could only be done twice, they would have the NICU nurse come evaluate him, but if he still struggled then he'd go to the NICU for at least 6 hours. I was freaking out. Praying like I've never prayed before that my baby wouldn't be taken. I didn't feel like I could handle that. And I didn't want my perfect experience to be ruined. They finished the treatments and said he was doing a lot better but just sitting on the fence. He was still retracting and grunting a little but looked ok. They told me it was my call, I could keep him and watch him or send him with them. What kind of option is that? I knew I didn't want him to go to the NICU but I was freaked out. After we all watched him and talked about it for about 30 minutes, I felt better and knew we should keep him. The problem slowly got better over the next several hours. Scary!

They wheeled us up to recovery at 4:00. Grandma April was waiting with the kids in our room. Talk about excited. Branson could not even stand it. He wanted that baby in his arms faster than anything. He was all smiles and laughs! Maycie got a little turn but wasn't that into holding him, she'd rather just look at him. The kids left after about 30 minutes and we got all settled. It was such a good night. Nurses were so nice. I actually even had them take him to the nursery twice during the night so I could sleep. I haven't done that with either of my other two kids. I slept for 1 hour each time and LOVED it. I felt amazing when I woke up each time and was so happy to be there. They would bring him to me so fast and I could feed him and snuggle with him. It is amazing how good I felt after just getting those two hours of sleep the whole time. Everything was just perfect. I was able to get up and walk to the bathroom by myself without a ton of pain. I will never forget this experience and loved (almost) ever minute of it. AJ was such a good little coach and so helpful. He loves this little baby Jerik SO much. You can see it all over his face. I love this little boy so much. It is amazing that you can love someone so much when you first meet them. We fall more and more in love with him every minute that he is here. We love you baby Jerik! Thank you for joining our family bringing so much joy.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

He's Here!

Jerik Brian Schmutz
June 18, 2011
1:22 p.m.
9 pounds 6 ounces
21 1/2" long
Crystal and Jerik are doing great!!!