Friday, November 6, 2009

AJ update.

So I think the hives are done spreading but aren't going away yet. They are kind of turning dark and pupleish. Really weird. We have no idea what they are from, and hope they don't come back after this first treatment. We'll see... Thanks for everyone's thoughts and prayers. I know a lot of people are concerned and we appreciate it. AJ got a blessing yesterday and his name was put in the Temple. We have a great ward, friends and family! :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Allergic reaction??

So Tuesday night AJ had a fever, he took Tylenol and it went away. Wednesday morning he felt fine and went to work. He came home after a few hours because he felt weak and he had a rash on his arms and knees that were itching really bad. Then after a couple of hours it has started spreading up and down his arms and legs. Then it was on his back and stomach. He slept for a little while but when he woke up he was itching so bad and wanted to go in to the Dr. So at about 4:00 Dr. Cain told him he came into contact with something and was having an allergic reaction to it. He gave him something yesterday and said if it doesn't work take this other thing... The other thing is a steroid that is freaking me out. BUT... this morning his entire body is worse so we have no choice but to have him take them. These pictures don't do it justice. Every square inch is covered in these hives. These are the only pictures I could talk him into. And they are now spreading to his hands, feet, face, etc. It is seriously so sad. Poor AJ!!