Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Maycie's baptism pictures

Maycie's baptism weekend

September 3, 2016 ~ Maycie’s baptism day was perfect! I woke up super emotional and excited for Maycie’s big day. We were lucky enough to have the Payne’s drive all of the way up from Gilbert, Arizona to spend the weekend. They got in Friday night at midnight so we were already in bed. Saturday morning the kids acted like it was Christmas morning they were SO excited!! The baptism and confirmation were perfect and special in every way. We went to the Coral Canyon chapel for a luncheon right after and had a really good time. After we cleaned up, we changed and headed to the pool. When we were finished there, we came home and showered, had left over sandwiches, then headed to the park. Soccer, Kickball, and basketball  with the whole family…Need I say more? We headed down to show them our lot and cement slab where we are building, then came back home for games. Sunday we went to church, and came home to street chicken tacos in the crock pot. Then we all changed and headed over to see Grandma Luana. Love, love this special person!! After that, we headed to the barn, and home again. We got to see the neighbor’s dogs, sing karaoke, have dinner, make cookies, play phase 10, watch movies, and laugh until we cried. Monday morning the Payne’s had to go home. We had a nice breakfast with them and they played for a little while before they took off. The girls were crying and crying and begging for them to stay one more night. We all had such a good weekend and can’t wait to do it all over again really soon! 

Mud monsters at the river!!

Maycie's 8th birthday

Maycie’s 8th birthday! She has been super excited to turn 8. In our family, we don’t do a friend party because we have a baptism party. I took big donuts with white frosting, just like she wanted, to her class. She opened her presents. We got her a quad scripture set with her name on it. Branson got her a large beanie boo. He saved up the money all on his own and was so very excited to give it to her. She loved them and has been dying for a big one. We went to Golden Corral for dinner. Maycie was so embarrassed when they came to sing to her!! After that, we went to the hospital to meet baby Hannah. It was love at first sight! 

First Day Of school 2016-2017

August 11, 2016 ~ Another school year is upon us! I can hardly believe my baby is in Kindergarten and I have a 5th grader!! We were all ready to get a routine back!! Love these kids so much!  Branson 5th grade, 10 years old. Maycie 3rd grade, ALMOST 8 years old. Jerik Kindergarten, 5 years old.